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Wed 26 Sep 2012 04:49 PM

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Bahrain court jails daughter of imprisoned activist

Bahrain has been in turmoil since pro-democracy protests led Shi'ite majority erupted last year

Bahrain court jails daughter of imprisoned activist
Bahrain has seen near daily protests since the start of the unrest in early 2011.

The daughter of an imprisoned Bahraini activist was jailed for two months on Wednesday for tearing up a picture of the Gulf Arab state's king, her lawyer said.

Bahrain, headquarters of the US Navy's Fifth Fleet, has been in turmoil since pro-democracy protests led by its Shi'ite Muslim majority erupted last year and were put down by the Sunni rulers.

Zainab al-Khawaja, daughter of leading Shi'ite activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, was arrested at a protest in August that was dispersed by security forces using tear gas and birdshot.

Her defence lawyer called the sentence harsh.

"Usually sentences for such crimes are just fines," Mohammed al-Jishi told Reuters by telephone from Manama.

Jishi said she faced eight more charges related to participating in protests. The next court hearing is on October 4.

Her father went on a hunger strike for more than three months earlier this year to protest against his imprisonment.

The ruling Al Khalifa family used martial law and help from Gulf neighbours to put down last year's uprising, but unrest has resumed.

Protesters and police clash almost daily and Washington has called on its ally to talk to the opposition.

Bahraini authorities accuse regional Shi'ite power Iran of encouraging the unrest and has vowed a tough response to violent protests as talks with the opposition have stalled.

Earlier this month, a Bahraini court upheld jail sentences of up to 25 years against leaders of last year's uprising.

Luis Maronese 7 years ago

Disgusting to see how journalists distort the facts and spin the truth just to pursue an agenda. I'm not an Arab nor muslim but I've been living in Bahrain for the last 12 years and I can tell you for sure two things: One is that the turmoil has NOT resumed in the Kingdom and things are pretty much back to normal. Two is that these so-called Pro-Democracy activists are nothing more and nothing less than terrorists.
And the majority of the people of Bahrain HATES them (Sunni and Shia).

Ahmed Haider 7 years ago

I resent your repeated comment that the Shi'ite are a majority in Bahrain. They are not. There have never been a census in Bahrain based on who is Sunni or who is Shi'ite. This is a lie invented by the Shi'ite to justify their repeated attempt to change the system in Bahrain by force and replace it by a Welayat Alfaqeeh system blindly loyal to the regime in Iran. If the democracy in Iran is the example for what these so called pro democracy in Bahrain are calling for then may Allah help Bahrain and its people.

Doug 7 years ago

Let's leave aside the issue of sectarian violence etc or whether these people are terrorists. Is it not entirely disproportionate to jail someone for two months simply for ripping up a piece of paper with a picture on it?