Wed 23 Sep 2009 09:47 AM
Abdul Rahman Jawahery

Abdul Rahman Jawahery

Industry: Energy

Company: Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co (GPIC)

Designation: CEO

Country: Bahrain

Citizenship: Bahrain

Occupation: CEO

As boss of one the region's largest downstream companies, Abdul Rahman Jawahery answers to a triumvirate of heavyweight shareholders: the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain,
Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC)

, and Petrochemical Industries Co (PIC), Kuwait.

Founded in 1979, the company is certainly at the forefront of the regional petrochemical scene, and is one of the largest regional manufacturers of basic petrochemicals and fertiliser. GPIC uses natural gas which is readily available in Bahrain as a feedstock for the production of 1.4 million tonnes of product.

Jawahery is also the chairman of the technical committee for the international fertiliser association, and a board member of the Arab Fertiliser Association. And this insight means that Jawahery is bullish about the prospects of GPIC’s fertiliser business – currently the GCC has around 24 percent of the world's known recoverable gas reserves, and yet only produces approximately 7 percent to 10 percent of the world's fertiliser.

The company employs 474 people, of whom 80% are Bahrainis, and is a significant contributor to the national economy of Bahrain. Established with a paid-up capital of $159m, GPIC's cumulative profits have so far exceeded a billion dollars.

The company's activities, represented by natural gas purchases, employment and training of Bahraini nationals, utilisation of local contractors, power consumption and other financial and commercial operations inject around $100m annually into the national economy.