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Mon 8 Aug 2011 06:12 PM

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Bahrain recalls Syria envoy, follows Kuwait, Saudi Arabia

Kingdom becomes latest GCC state to recall its ambassador for consultations, says foreign minister

Bahrain recalls Syria envoy, follows Kuwait, Saudi Arabia
People take part in a demonstration gathering activists opposed to Syrias regime of President Bashar al-Assad on August 7

Bahrain has recalled its ambassador to Syria for consultations, the Gulf island kingdom's foreign minister said on Monday, joining a growing chorus of criticism from Gulf Arab states.

"We decided to summon our ambassador to Syria for consultation and we stress the importance of acting wisely," Sheikh Khaled al-Khalifa said in a message on Twitter.

The move follows a similar one by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah recalled his ambassador and called for an end to the Syrian government's bloody crackdown on a near five-month uprising.

It was the sharpest criticism the oil giant - an absolute monarchy that bans political opposition -  has directed against any Arab state since a wave of protests roiled the Middle East and toppled autocrats in Tunisia and Egypt.

The Saudi statement came with all the weight of the king's personal authority, and follows similar statements since Saturday from the Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

"What is happening in Syria is not acceptable for Saudi Arabia," he said in a written statement read out on Al Arabiya satellite television.

John 8 years ago

Isn't it a bit rich coming from a nation that arrested doctors, knocked down a monument to quell rioting and kicked out all the foreign media?

Telcoguy 8 years ago

Nasty as knocking down a monument is, it is still short of shelling a couple of cities, methinks.
And the only reason Syria has not kicked out the foreign media is because there was no foreign media to kick.
I think we are talking very different scales of violence here. True that maybe Bahrein may be short of credibility on human rights (yes, yes, it is all western lies) but what seems to be going on in Syria sounds really bad.