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Mon 3 Aug 2015 11:29 AM

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Bahraini arrested after being filmed slapping Asian expat

Video clip of the attack, which was uploaded to Youtube, was condemned by the foreign minister

Bahraini arrested after being filmed slapping Asian expat

A Bahraini who slapped an expat in public has reportedly been arrested and criticised on social media by the Gulf state's Foreign Minister.

A video of the assault, posted on YouTube, shows the overweight Bahraini aggressively slap the slim man across the face. The victim then holds his hand up to the injured cheek, while people in the background laugh.

It appears the video may have been pre-planned.

Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa used his Twitter account to condemn the Bahraini.

“He came all the way from his country, putting up with estrangement and separation from family to work so hard for some money. And then, a despicable person comes along and slaps him. May God grant him his rights from the aggressor,” he posted.

Police said they had arrested the man in the video as well as three others, UAE newspaper Gulf News reported.

Click here to see the video

DDK 4 years ago

Kudos to the Foreign Minister. Well said.

Suresh 4 years ago

I congratulate the Minister for his bold move.

Now finally the expats will feel satisfied that they can non longer be treated in an unfair manner by the "Locals" . Hope the offender not only gets exemplary punishment but that it is publicised well so all potential offenders take note.

Mike Thompson 4 years ago

Well done to Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa . At last a real human ,compassionate person !!! .Why can we not have more like him in Middle East ,please.

Ann 4 years ago

Thank you Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa. You have proved to be a humane, compassionate and extremely fair leader! God bless you and your country.

RTNan 4 years ago

Great Job by the Minister - appreciate

Ali 4 years ago

This kind of reaction and public comment from a high level government official against his own gulf national can most probably only be expected from a Bahraini minister, which is the reason for most of Bahraini's not understanding the good their King is trying to do to them. What the Bahraini guy did to that poor chap is least expected of a Bahraini and has shocked me, this disease should not spread into Bahrain and destroy its unique texture. Guess, till we have people like Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa it will not be that easy.