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Wed 28 May 2014 09:51 AM

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Bahraini MPs renew push to ban alcohol

Lawmakers argue the gradual outlawing of alcohol sales is needed to reduce “sleaze and prostitution”

Bahraini MPs renew push to ban alcohol

Bahraini MPs have backed a proposal to gradually outlaw alcohol sales in the kingdom in a bid to reduce “sleaze and prostitution”, Gulf Daily News has reported.

The elected members of parliament have referred the proposal to the cabinet, which is dominated by ministers appointed by the Emir.

It is the second time MPs have attempted to ban alcohol after a similar proposal in 2010 was vetoed by the Shura Council.

National Assembly Speaker Dr Khalifa Al Dhahrani, who is leading the idea, said alcohol was un-Islamic and led to inappropriate behaviour.

"Bahrain is violating Islam with the sale of alcohol and by allowing sleaze in the open," he was quoted as saying.

MP Ali Al Zayed said one- and two-star hotels had been banned from hosting live musical acts and serving alcohol but there needed to be a widespread ban.

"Alcohol and prostitution shouldn't be allowed in an Islamic country," he was quoted as saying.

MPs also have attempted to have nightclubs and bars in the residential area of Juffair closed down but the cabinet rejected the motion, responding that they were licensed and closely monitored by the Culture Ministry.

Meanwhile, MP Abdulhakeem Al Shemmri has claimed some police officers were profiting from prostitution.

"Individuals beat women to have sex and practice sleaze," he was quoted as saying.

"Women come as secretaries and are then tortured to get into the profession by force.

"I am confident that there are policemen involved in this racketeering process, which sees huge acts of human trafficking, because Bangladeshi pimps are unable to do this themselves.

“There are also homosexuals walking freely in Adliya under the gaze of everyone, without being touched."

Canuck 5 years ago

Alcohol causes prostitution and homosexuality?....they forgot about it causing cancer and suicide and bad fashion choices and the extinction of animals and heavy metal music and gangster rap.......and driving vehicles make women unable to have children.........

and not one ounce of research went into a single claim by anyone........or understanding how so many countries are claimed to be the most civilized and top of the world order of quality of life and economy through a wide scope of export and allow just about everything. Take things away from people...they want it more. Hide things....makes them more desirable and conditioning people to believe that the rest of the world's routines are evil does not makes people more pious. Ban items and it creates a new market for these items.

arw 5 years ago

what a crime putting red wine in a champagne glass... is there no class anymore ? :)

Ponder 5 years ago

Bahrain goes the way of Kuwait...and the UAE benefits from it. I expect all those hotel rooms they are making in Dubai will be filled with even more people from the region looking for a weekend break with some R&R in the real world.

Will be interesting to see how they keep their budget balanced in Bahrain. Already reliant on generosity of neighbors for many many things.

With the 7th fleet there (there is no way theyll stop the drink - forget about it, sailors & marines? Never in a million years), if you ban booze all you will do is encourage a mafia to flourish and bootlegging to become huge industry. But I guess that is permitted.

AAQ 5 years ago

How can you not support a ban on a mind-altering substance like alcohol? When has alcohol ever benefited an individual/family/friendship/community/society? You want research? Just google alcohol and you'll get all the research you want. It should be common sense. And just because evil is inevitable doesn't mean you don't work to prevent it.

RAH 5 years ago

These claimed “most civilized and top of the world order of quality of life” countries you talk about hardly are that civilised. These countries are riddled with rapes, suicides, people with depression, unemployment and robberies. Just because you see those countries post pictures of green hills and gleaming skyscrapers hardly makes them civilized.

A civilized nation is one where people can coexist without hate and prejudice. If one thinks that alcohol and permitting almost everything (as you say) promotes law and order then that person needs to go back and study sociology in depth to learn just how exactly today’s world is unbalanced and alcohol doesnt help rebalance things. You get thugs, hatred, crime and rape with the affects of alcohol.

Good for Bahrain and may the MPs have their way - for once! Hardly a democracy when MPs need to fight for something that keeps getting rejected by a few; that’s called a democratic joke.

Doug 5 years ago

Misuse of alcohol doesn't benefit anyone. However, the idea that alcohol is inherently evil is incorrect, and at worst, bigoted. For instance, alcohol plays a role in important Christian rituals -are all Christians therefore evil?

Numerous great works of art and literature have been put together by people who drink alcohol. Are these great works not worthwhile?

You might also be surprised to learn that there is quite a bit of evidence to suggest a moderate amount of alcohol consumption is actually beneficial to your physical and mental well-being.

The fact is that a sensible, controlled amount of alcohol consumption doesn't have negative effects and may indeed have positive effects. A silly, uncontrolled approach to alcohol consumption is indeed very damaging. Interestingly, banning alcohol then removes all the checks and balances that discourage irresponsible consumption....

Billy 5 years ago

Wow what uninformed comments here mostly from people agreeing with the ban. Firstly if you ban alcohol it will do nothing to diminish prostitution or homosexuality. The pro ban people are simply using these emotive issues to justifying an unjustifiable ban. Without these two issues to hang the alcohol ban on what case do they have? None. Take a trip to Kuwait or Saudi where alcohol has been banned for years and in the majority of houses you will find a well stocked bar, only they have paid a lot more for each bottle and made a fortune for the bootleggers who supply it. Furthermore any control of the sale has been lost as it is all underground. Therefore the net result of a ban will actually be to support the sale of alcohol, increase the profits of the suppliers but at the same time drive tourists to Dubai and make Bahrain's hotels ghost towns. Also where will the Saudis go to every weekend? Not Bahrain that's for sure. Only benefit I can see is reduced queues at customs entry point.

david 5 years ago

Talking about class! You will notice that the glasses are labelled with Chandon, therefore NOT Champagne, but a sparkling wine produced at a Winery called Domain Chandon in the Yarra Valley in Australia. Champagne is only produced in the Champagne region in France. In the photo, the pink coloured one is a Sparkling Rose, Chandon Les Trois Rosé while the darker coloured one is called Sparkling Pinot Shiraz.
Now even though Domain Chandon is owned by Moët et Chandon they can not label the wine as Champagne.