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Fri 17 Aug 2012 09:24 AM

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Bailed ex Deyaar CEO may be deported to US

Yemeni officials says UAE has not yet requested extradition of US businessman

Bailed ex Deyaar CEO may be deported to US
Zack Shahin had previously been on hunger strike in protest at his detention. (Photo:

Bailed US businessman Zack Shahin, who fled the UAE for Yemen, may be deported to the United States as the UAE has not yet requested his extradition, Yemeni officials have said.

Yemeni authorities have contacted US embassy officials to discuss handing Shahin to the United States, a Yemeni security source and a government official both told Reuters.

"According to the law, there are two choices: To return him to the country where he came from, in this case the UAE, or the country of which he is a passport holder," the security source said, declining to be identified. There was no deadline for Shahin's deportation, he added.

But neither the Yemeni foreign ministry nor Interpol in Yemen had received any extradition requests for Shahin from the UAE, officials there told Reuters.

"We have not received any message from the UAE on this subject," a foreign ministry official said, also on condition of anonymity.

The US embassy in Sanaa declined to comment. A spokesman for Shahin's US-based legal team said he could not immediately comment. A spokesman for Dubai's public prosecutor could not immediately be reached.

Shahin, the former chief executive of Dubai real estate developer Deyaar, was jailed in 2008 for embezzlement.

He went on hunger strike in May and was freed on $1.4m bail last month after US authorities expressed concerns about his health.

He then slipped into Yemen after a car trip across Oman from the UAE last week and is now in Yemeni custody.

Smuggling and undocumented travel are common across Yemen's porous desert borders.

Man 7 years ago

He should be sent back to UAE for his next court. Imagine if this happened in the US.

Asad Hafeez 7 years ago

Send him back to UAE, USA should respect laws and categorically send him back to UAE to complete his trial. On hindsight there was a fair reason why Dubai was not releasing from jail !!

Akber 7 years ago

What I dont understand is; if he was released on bail. How did he get his passport back from the authorities.

vicky 7 years ago

I think most people are aware that this is a pre-arranged scenario which suites all parties. It is best that the story comes to a conclusion sith out causing further embarrassment to stake holders.