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Tue 27 Sep 2011 11:25 AM

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Blair slams Palestine’s UN statehood bid

Former British PM blast move as ‘deeply confrontational’, urges negotiations

Blair slams Palestine’s UN statehood bid
Blair warned a UN resolution would not change facts on the ground in Palestine

Former British Prime Minister and Middle East negotiator
Tony Blair has condemned Palestine’s move for full UN state recognition as a
“deeply confrontational” course of action.

Blair, now Middle East representative for so-called Quartet
for Middle East Peace, warned a UN resolution would not change facts on the
ground in Palestine’s occupied territories.

“You can pass whatever resolution you like at the United
Nations or the Security Council, it doesn’t actually deliver you a state on the
ground in the West Bank and Gaza,” he said

“If you don’t have a negotiation, whatever you do at the UN
is going to be deeply confrontational.”

Palestine’s bid to secure UN statehood has divided the
international community. President Mahmoud Abbas hopes to win recognition of all
the Israeli-occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip for
Palestine, arguing the Arab state, lacking statehood, is at a disadvantage during
negotiations with Israel.

The move has been strongly opposed by Israel and its key
ally, the US.

Abbas last week presented his application for statehood to
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The proposal will be considered by the international agency
over the coming months but its prospects are dim because the US has said it
will veto the resolution if necessary.

Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation
Organization, said the US, the UN, the European Union and Russia - the Quartet
for Middle East Peace – was unduly influenced by Washington’s policies.

 “I don’t think it is
Tony Blair’s leadership… I think the Quartet is run exclusively by Washington,”
she said. “The Quartet has been, in many ways, sidelined by the US, diverted by
the US and we believe that they must decide to take their own policies seriously
and their own commitments.

“[Statehood] is a right that is enshrined in international
law because we have the right to self determination under the UN charter after
all. [A veto] will weaken US standing in the Arab World, particularly as they
want to be welcomed by the Arab Spring,” she added.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been reserved in
his analysis of the Palestinian bid for UN recognition, urging both sides in
the conflict to return to the negotiation table.

“We support Palestine having its own state next to a secure
Israel,” said Cameron. “In the end we have to recognise we will get a
Palestinian state alongside an Israeli state by the Palestinians and the
Israelis sitting down and talking to each other.”

woody 8 years ago

Illegal occupation is pretty confrontational, I'd have thought. Besides the UN and NATO seem rather good at changing things on the ground where resolutions have been defied.

Who on earth listens to Blair anyway?

SA 8 years ago

Whats there to sit and talk? Based on various earlier UN resolution the boundaries are clearly defined. States can be setup as per.

But now they want more land, and hence the negotiation. Its not about give and take, but only taking more land for the israli settlements.

The Arab spring applies selectively and the mantra of "freedom" is to serve western interest.

Laurent 8 years ago

Why doesn't this guy shut up? All the time it's blah blah blah Tony Blair blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!

OUHG!!! SHUT UP TONY BLAIR! stop appearing on any media!

Palestine not getting recognized as a country proves that democracy doesn't work in this world.

StylinRed 8 years ago

Israel has today approved more housing in their illegal settlements... I would say that should be considered unbearably confrontational

StylinRed 8 years ago

Blairs simply become a shill for Israel its become blatantly evident ever since he left office; It's quite sad really because he seemed to be quite a moral person before he got into politics.

We Are The People 8 years ago

When the USA was asked in 1948 why they were eager to recognize the State of Israel the US response was “It will be better to deal with the issue of the Palestinian refugees when Israel is recognized as a State" , 63 years later, we are all still waiting. Mr. Blair needs to go back and read the history of the British Mandate on Palestine. Besides, if Palestine is to be recognized as a state then Mr. Blair will be out of a job.

Mr. Blair has proved that he is not worthy of leading the quartet committee in brokering peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Being the Ghadaffi personal friend should speak volumes on Blair ethics and self respect. Mr. Blair has found the secret of using politics to make extreme financial gains.

millicent 8 years ago

This is normal, these European politicians are only running for money and all their moves and decisions are linked to money, no ethics no nothing. Blair is no different. Since he left the PM job he became a millionnaire, again only money, just for money!!!!
let's hope some are strong enough to help Palestine get their own country too. Why is it difficult? because they do not get money by favouring Palestine and doing so but if they favour Israel they will get money or favours by doing so.

F Backer 8 years ago

What is the US problem????

Roger Lafontaine 8 years ago

'Whatever you do at the UN is deeply confrontational...' says master liar Blair. I think those 'facts on the ground' that Israel is always perpetrating are where the confrontation is occurring. What we have at the UN is talk, discussion. What we have in Israel is a program of destruction of Palestinian people and theft of Palestinian land. If the UN can't address that extremely alarming situation then it is not fit to handle anything. Blair, who as it turns out, is Rupert Murdoch's godson, is both an agent and a recipient of corruption in the British government.

Muhammad 8 years ago

If you don't give people their basic human rights you are going to frustrate them so much that they take the law into their own hands which leads to violence and loss of innocent lives.