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Mon 28 Apr 2014 12:45 PM

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Boeing is to blame for missing plane - former Malaysia prime minster

Country’s longest serving premier also accused the US plane maker of “doing nothing”

Boeing is to blame for missing plane - former Malaysia prime minster
Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad

Boeing is responsible for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, according to the former Malaysian prime minister.

The Malaymailonline website reported that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had published a blog post saying: “Boeing built this aircraft. Boeing must explain how all these means of tracking the plane can be disabled, can fail. Either Boeing technology is poor or it is not fail-safe.

“I would not like to fly in Boeing aircraft unless Boeing can explain how all its system can fail or be disabled.”

The country’s longest serving premier also accused the US plane maker of “doing nothing”.

“It is standard practice that when a plane crashes, a team of experts would arrive at the scene soonest so as to find the cause of the crash,” wrote Mohamad. “Boeing and the authorities in the manufacturing country should be looking out for the plane.

“Maybe the plane type should be grounded. But Boeing has shown no interest and had said practically nothing.”

The Malaysia Airline aircraft, carrying 239 people on board, disappeared on March 8, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Boeing, meanwhile, did not want to comment on an “incident under investigation”, referring the matter to the Malaysian authorities.

However, at the Global Aerospace Summit in Abu Dhabi earlier this month, Randy Tinset, vice president, Marketing, for Boeing Commercial, told Aviation Business that when there is an incident in the aviation industry, the lessons are taken on board to improve safety.

“We have been able to build a safety record in this industry that is second to none,” said Tinseth. “Flying on an aeroplane is the safest mode of transportation. As a colleague of mine would say, it is safer than your drive in to work every day. The reason that we’ve got there is that we have an objective as an industry for no incidents, no accidents. We drive to zero.

“It might not be a goal that is attainable, but because we have that goal, and we push for that, it has created a safety culture, and a culture that has learned from past incidents,” he added.

Jay 5 years ago

Mahathir has often been irresponsible in his comments and very often short on facts. He goes out of his way to irritate the rest of the world and foreign leaders try to avoid him. Who cares what he thinks?

Nassar A. Hasan 5 years ago

Dear Jay,

I disagree with you. The comment makes sense. Understanding that i'm a Sr. Instrumentation, Safety & control Engineer, the plane should have been designed in a way that even with delibirate disabling button, it shall be trackable by other contingency means. Boeng shall comment on this aspect. I even think there shall be no means for manual disabling of the tracking system.

Nahu Woldemariam 5 years ago

I'm sure Boeing would have sent a team to the crash sight, if there was a crash sight!

J Kay 5 years ago

If you were an engineer you would know that there is a requirement to be able to isolate systems in case of a fire. It's not Boeing's fault that planes are used in underdeveloped parts of the world - if Malaysian Airlines or Nassar wants such a system developed, please add $xxx dollars to the cost and tick on the optional extras list when ordering.

SA1 5 years ago

@Jay - So Toyota is doing unnecessary recalls? Let the crash happen and blame the driver/owner.

If a plane becomes untraceable and is beyond the countries can only the Airlines or the country to be blamed.

tazi 5 years ago

I agree with MM's views.... the manufacturer - boeing is equally responsible and they should do necessary investigations to identify the facts.

We are still unaware of the reason for the tragedy. Maybe it was due to any malfunction in cockpit systems which Beoing should be asked to clarify and take responsibility. I understand that normally airlines are not experts of technical cockpit issues. The biggest manufacturing flaw is how pilot can switch off all contacts and no one can trace it for 8 hours !

J Kay 5 years ago

'Maybe it was due to any malfunction in cockpit systems which Beoing should be asked to clarify and take responsibility'

OK - what was the malfunction then? it was owned, maintained, piloted, directed by Malaysian Airlines. You have no proof of malfunction by the aircraft. Has it occurred in any other of the hundreds flying? There seems plenty of evidence of systems being switched off, aircraft changing route etc, avoiding radar and an appalling response from the Malaysian Govt, but much easier to blame the manufacturer without any evidence.

tfg 5 years ago

I'm no aviation expert, and I'm not into conspiracy theories or all the news misinformation and finger pointing, but one thing for certain: Boeing has an awful track record with their Lithium ion batteries, as indicated with the recurring fire/overheating problems reported by many airlines. UPS airlines flight 6 is one of many.

Last I checked, airbus decided to go conventional battery on their fleet.

Plausible cause: battery ignites, communications systems / and or wrings destroyed, plane crashes.

Non-Muslim 5 years ago

While any free person in this world, even someone like this disposed disputable former prime minister with his unsubstantiated, not to say weird thoughts, must be allowed to voice his very own opinion, would be well advised to stop this unnecessary discussion among non-experts for aviation matters.
Those readers following this sad case in the few true-expert circles do know what is being done to bring light to it. Ultimately, improvements will be developed, but only after the true causes have been found - be it human, material, or system.
Anything else must be regarded as simply irresponsible.

Sarah 5 years ago

As usual Telcoguy is correct! I recall reading the press in Asia that Boeing did send a team to Malaysia . This is pay-out time, now the families are looking to sue and with no black box, they have no alternative to sue Malaysian airlines. My that it was a plane malfunction and Boeing is wishing that this plane is never found because those families will get millions in US courts if Boeing is liable. Right now the families will be lucky to get only thousands from this airline.