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Wed 1 Oct 2008 12:50 PM

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Bogus degree holders face life ban from UAE

Anyone caught using fake documentation to get job will get lifetime employment ban.

Bogus degree holders face life ban from UAE
LIFE BAN: The UAE is cracking down on people using fake documentation to get jobs. (Getty Images)

Anyone caught using fake certificates or degrees to get a job in the UAE will be banned for life from working in the Gulf state, UAE daily Khaleej Times reported on Wednesday.

The newspaper said those found guilty would also have their contract cancelled, citing a source at the labour ministry.

The report did not give any other details about the initiative.

The move comes after 68 people in the UAE were blacklisted by the US Department of Justice for purchasing fake high school and college degrees from a “degree mill” based in Washington.

More than 180 people from across the Gulf - out of almost 10,000 people worldwide - were blacklisted for holding fake US academic certificates allegedly bought from non-accredited institutions following an investigation by the justice department.

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Kaptain Mirza 11 years ago

There are many with those makeshift college labels but no investigation is done. It wasn't those 68 only roaming in the UAE. Many are coming in from the Eastern side as well, where talent is much boasted about above the surface through 'their' controlled media; dig in deeper and it's nothing but just glamourous labels just on paper.

vaidhee 11 years ago

The article is silent about the place where a report can be made on someone who possess a fake degree certificate.

Geoff 11 years ago

In addition to fake degrees there is another problem - I know teachers in this region that are put under considerable pressure to pass all of the males students (or lose their jobs). This means the students don't have to aquire the necessary knowledge to earn their degrees and therefore 'earn' a real degree but lack the skills in the real world. Very sad - if you always tie a kid's laces they'll never learn to tie their own!

bem 11 years ago

I hope the authorities come up with a rigorous system of checks and cross-checks on people's credentials. Often times, since employers are in deep need of talent, they put in less effort to validate an applicant's claims or do a thorough background check. It's also sad to see that many employers look for the 3 big letter (MBA) after a candidate's name without even (1) verifying the authenticity of the degree and (2) without realizing that many of these MBA holders come from a country where Bachelor's plus MBA degrees are earned in JUST 4 YEARS, Bachelor's in JUST 3 YEARS, and Doctor of Medicine in JUST 5 YEARS! Come on, doctor of medicine in 5 years? What are they, quack doctors? Bachelor's plus MBA in 4 YEARS? Yea, right... You can put all the letters after your name all you like but at the end of the day, your true worth comes out in the quality of work you deliver. Funny enough, many of them hide beneath the cloak of "wagging necks" and no-problem-no-problem acts to further step on their credibility. May the government devise a system to put a stop to these bogus and "upselling" tendencies of many desperate yet seemingly guilt-free people. In the end, it's the company's loss.

vaidhee 11 years ago

can someone let everyone know straight where one should complain if they come to know of a person taken a job in uae with a fake degree certificate.

motivated 11 years ago

It doesn't sound like you are an employer vaidhee. Actually it reads that you are just not a very nice person intending on causing someone else harm. I don't agree with false degree's but I do think it is between employee and employer .. and not some external person wishing to just be nasty and get someone else into trouble. Perhaps you should take a moment to look in the mirror and ask what your motivations are for wanting to possible destroy someone's livelihood and harm their family!!

vaidhee 11 years ago

Dear Motivated, i dont understand why is your comment is in support of safeguarding those with fake degrees. actually it is not nasty to help law maintain the standards and protect the interest of all who are really educated to those level. there can be numerous cases a genuine person is denied of an opportunity because of this. though i am not a victim of that, i hope that i should not be a victim in the future. this is not only for one, but for all, which includes you and me too and overall for the welfare of the society. Simple, would you go for your health treatments to a person claiming to be a doctor who has done only till the school education. if your answer is yes, am sorry, mine will be different. There is a value for EDUCATION. and duplicates cannot be allowed to override it. Which one is better, a fake PG or a genuine UG.

vaidhee 11 years ago

I recollect Mr./Ms. Motivated's comment on fake degree. Could anyone explain now how can they be able to register themselves with the fake certificate with a deadline of December 31, 2008. What if they are caught while registering and at the same time they cannot avoid the registration also. This is were being genuine plays a vital role. where are they going to land themselves if everything comes to light.

Ahmed 9 years ago

I can understand all what is meant by the law so that the right people should come up for the right job!

What if a person is already working according to his or her qualification and later apply for the attestation of degree which is fake or seems to be bougas should also be ban or blacklisted

Altough he had been already on a job according to the require original certificate

This not look to be a positive and responsible approach
There should be some technicalities for instance
A person had a Inter mediete Certificate original and attested from foreign ministry and labor inUAE and according to this he or she is working if later they apply for the degree which is coming out to be fake,whereas had not been use for the another job unless it is attested or had not been benefited from it.
Such person name should be in computer with the foreign ministry and labor that in future this person is said to have no degree and no job or promotion for the degree inspite of facing life ban?

Brentness 8 years ago

This is a great move by the UAE government. Legit Job seekers obtain their Degree after four years in college and this is not a joke. And later on you find out that you are being outclassed by a faker and bogus applicant. No degree, suddenly becomes a degree holder. I think this is totally unfair, Its tantamount to dishonesty.

UAE government should check in detail the validity of the certificates/diplomas. Can you afford to feed your families on lies? good luck.

The victims here are the hiring companies because they are not getting the value and return on investment from the employee because in reality they are incapable of delivering quality work and output.

Kudos! UAE Government lets start cleaning this up. Bogus and fakers must go back to their country and obtain a real degree not just buy them. I pity the company who hires bogus applicants they don't get the real value.

I suggest that aside from Diploma's and Certificates a Yearbook must be included in the checking.