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Tue 19 Aug 2008 06:15 AM

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Bollywood film banned in UAE after complaints

Remake of Jim Carrey movie Bruce Almighty deemed a violation of Islamic teachings.

A Bollywood movie has been taken off cinema screens in the UAE after complaints from viewers that it violated Islamic teachings.

Authorities in the region have reportedly banned the Salman Khan-starring film God Tussi Great Ho which is a remake of the 2003 Hollywood production Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman.

The National Media Council ordered that the movie, released on Friday, not be screened in the UAE after receiving scores of complaints from viewers, according to Indian media reports.

In the film, Bachchan plays the role of god as he meets Salman's character Arun Prajapati who blames god for all his problems.

"Those who saw the movie told the authorities they were shocked to find that Bachchan played the role of god," reports said.

However, it is understood that the National Media Council might review its decision on whether to ban the film completely in the UAE, or to allow its screening again after censoring the objectionable portions.

bobby 11 years ago

Do we have double standards in UAE .. one for hollywood and another for Bollywood.. Bruce Almighty was screened in UAE with no fuss.

shahzad 11 years ago

When the similar movie was made in hollywood then why was it not banned that time - why has such an issue been raised now. It's a movie and nothing more than that, in a movie anybody can play any role why so much fuss. Just enjoy the movie I think so it's too harsh to ban a movie like this.

Karen 11 years ago

I think this is a ridiculous clampdown on cinema. There is no need to make such a fuss about a fictional film, especially after Bruce Almighty was passed through the censors without a blink. The promise to give more freedom to the media is not extending towards cinema.

Joe 11 years ago

I did not see Bruce Almighty but I do understand why some might be offended by God Tussi. Overall the movie was a positive one and the message was to not be so self-centered and love one another.

Ariah 11 years ago

If you read the article carefully, the movie was banned because of complaints given by our Indian 'viewers'. Bruce Almighty wasn't banned because its viewers did not complain. Simple as that.

Shariq Madani 11 years ago

Gentlemen, the Jim Carrey movie was indeed banned from Dubai cinemas! So there's no prejudice against the Indian movie here. Not that I agree with the decision...

aaqib 11 years ago

Mr Ariah Where does it say 'Indian viewers'? It says according to Indian media reports.

Naz Hussain 11 years ago

I know it's slightly off-topic, but do you think we have to wait another 100 years before Bollywood consider the possibility of releasing a film that's NOT a cheap re-make of a Hollywood film? Did the originality gene miss India?

Shariq Madani 11 years ago

Naz, your statement is based on a handful of movies. Bollywood, the world's largest film industry, has enough original movies released every year. The last big hit "Jaane Tu.. ya Jaane Na" was original. You judge Bollywood based on a few movies. The same could be done of Hollywood - how many of their movies are remakes of their own, Japanese, Korean, French movies!

John Doe 11 years ago

Bachan as God?! What is the world coming to, you can't expect much from Bollywood anyway!