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Tue 24 Apr 2012 02:45 PM

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Bomb blast at Lebanon restaurant injures 5

Eatery in southern town was reportedly targeted as it serves alcohol

Bomb blast at Lebanon restaurant injures 5
Security forces say five people were injured in the bomb blast (Image for illustrative purposes only).

A restaurant in Lebanon's southern coastal town of Tyre has become the latest victim in a spate of bomb blasts in the country.

The explosion, which occurred at the eatery Nocean just after midnight on Monday, is thought to have injured at least five people, security forces said.

No reason has been officially given for the blast, but reports say a number of nightclubs, shops and restaurants selling alcohol have been bombed in the majority-Muslim town over the last few months.

In November, a nightclub and an off-licence were also struck by bombers, while a restaurant selling alcohol was hit in December.

Nocean is reportedly known locally for serving alcohol and hosting dance parties.

Lebanon is not the only Middle East country where establishments that serve alcohol or allow dancing are being targeted.

In Kuwait, the Ministry of Interior has been ordered to crack down on “moral decay” found in cafés, warning that some eateries have turned into “vice dens”.

MPs have said that a tough stances is required in dealing with the issue to prevent immoral behaviour.

They said an increase in such practices had occurred due to a lack of proper implementation of the law.

Ramzi 7 years ago

Lebanon is and will always be a democratic country. Extremists that carry out this sort of thing don't belong in Lebanon. In Lebanon we have 18 religions, and EVERYONE must respect each other. Bombing an establishment just because it does not suit your beliefs is not the right way to express yourself. The local Baladiya can declare certain places as Alcohol Free, like we have in Sharjah, and in many other places in the world. In the US they have "DRY COUNTIES" which are places void of alcohol. Why can't we learn to be less "Barbaric"? We seem to always be going backwards, while every other country seems to go forward.