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Mon 24 Mar 2008 04:00 AM

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Boom then fold

Jehad Jadou, business development manager for machine supplier House of Equipment talks about transportable towers and safety systems.

Jehad Jadou, business development manager for machine supplier House of Equipment talks about transportable towers and safety systems.

There's something new unfolding in House of Equipment's machine yard. Buisness development manager Jehad Jadou explains all.

"We have a unique new tool in stock. It's a collapsable tower crane and it is from a large European firm who are based near Milan. It can work up to 25 meter heights We have just received three units last week. The man from the company gave us a demonstration. When it was erected it was something really nice. The Italians have some real style, the way it moved, the way he put it together. It was art.

"People don't know much about these yet, or of the benefits. However, in a day, you can use it in one area and then move it to another place on site, so it is very efficient when compared to a traditional tower crane, which takes at least two days to erect, even for a low-height model.

"The folding crane is generally for villas and other low height applications. It looks like a very useful piece of machinery.

"Canteno, the company who make this equipment produce around 5-600 cranes per year. It is a huge operation. In Europe, I believe they classify themselves as the third biggest maker of tower cranes behind Potain and Leibherr. The firm was set up in 1954 and it has been making cranes since this time and of course improving factory capacity.

"What is unique about this product is that it is something mixed between conventional tower crane and mobile crane. Simply, you can tow it with one truck, from one side of the building site to the other.

"Assembly is via a hydraulic pump, and so it is efficient and flexible. It needs no erection work, it just needs to be moved to the right spot, have the riggers extended and the button clicked. It will be ready to work after just one hour with just a bit of ballast needed to balance the weight.

"When you have finished your jobs, you can remove the ballast yourself as it has a built-in derrick crane. For special requirement it can be fitted with brakes and lights and be towed around on the roads, though usually it would be transported around on a flatbed lorry trailer.

"The maximum lifting capacity is three ton, safe load is one ton. It has very low power consumption. Maintenance wise it is very easy as all the motors and technical parts are down near the ground. It is the future of this type of crane.

"Another new product that we now stock is a development to help improve crane safety. It is a system to prevent collisions. When you work and so do others in the same area, it can become very complicated but with this system you can see how the crane is, in relation to other cranes. With a set of lights you can see how close others are.

"If the light is at orange, the system cuts off the power, while if the red light illuminates, the brake is applied.

"We have installed it on three sites already. It will help productivity, because if there is no danger from your work. If you are going to spend five or six million on a crane, then the price of this system is insignificant. Besides, can you put a price on safety?"

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