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Sun 27 Oct 2013 05:00 PM

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British PM backs Dubai in race to host Expo 2020

David Cameron says UAE city deserves to win vote next month to host global event

British PM backs Dubai in race to host Expo 2020
British Prime Minister David Cameron. (Getty Images)

British Prime Minister David Cameron is backing Dubai to win the World Expo 2020 event.

In a statement, he said the UAE city deserved to win the decision of the 167 member nations of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), the organisers, who will cast their votes on November 27.

"I believe they should choose Dubai," Cameron said, saying it is a "city that shows how different cultures and peoples can converge behind common goals, living and working side by side".

Read David Cameron's full statement here

The other cities still in the race to host the prestigious event are Sao Paulo in Brazil, Yekaterinburg in Russia and Izmir in Turkey.

Cameron added: "This is Dubai’s moment. As you approach Dubai its incredible skyline makes a stunning first impression. But as I discovered when I visited last year, you leave with a lasting impression of something far greater.

"In just 50 years, Dubai has been transformed from a small fishing and pearling town into one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. This is a city where you will hear Arabic, Urdu, Malayalam, Somali, Tagalog, Russian and English all being spoken and where more than 200 nationalities live and work."

He said holding Expo 2020 in Dubai will remind the world that the Middle East "is a region with potential and dynamism, a source of innovation for generations past, present and future".

Cameron is the latest big name to back Dubai's bid. Former US President Bill Clinton and London Mayor Boris Johnson also have publicly backed Dubai.

In the statement, the British PM said: "Dubai is a great business capital and its success rightly inspires people to see the potential of the region and to believe they can change their own countries for the better with vision, conviction and hard work. Dubai provides trading and transport hubs that connect the world. So an Expo in Dubai would be accessible to a far broader community."

Mike Hawes 6 years ago

Sorry but that is wrong. The City that should host it is London of course. Why is it UAE thinks everything has got to be hosted there, it has'nt im sorry to tell you. I doubt very much that Cameron would have said that Duabi deserves it more than London. Yes sir, London is best place.

Rashid 6 years ago

London isn't running

Ammar Zubaid Ahmad 6 years ago

London is not even in the race

LOL 6 years ago

erm London didn't apply to host it, that's why.

Reader 6 years ago

May be because London is not in the race? ... omg

William Fotherington-Gordon 6 years ago

Not sure the old place is in the running, dear chap. I'd say it's done its bit hosting global events for the time being, what.

khan 6 years ago

First read the full article than comment....
(London is not in the competition)

Mark Renton 6 years ago

Mike, no-one thinks London should host Expo 2020, including the Londoners. Nowhere in the UK even bid for it. Please go troll somewhere else.

Ahmed Ali 6 years ago

Reads like a press release from Dubai Govt.

Rootless 6 years ago

But could somebody explain please:
- what EXACTLY is an Expo?
- can anybody remember anything significant about any Expo in, say, the last 30 years?
- does anyone know anyone who has ever been to an Expo?
- so we know the last one was in Shanghai (from all the newspaper reports here), anybody know where the previous one was held? and the one before that?
- is an Expo in Dubai really going to drive significant additional economic growth over the next SIX YEARS????
- aren't we all getting carried away by something which is basically a bit bigger than GITEX?
- and, um, what if Dubai deosn't actually get it (bearing in mind the locked-in favourite for the 2012 Olypics was Paris...)? Would that really be such a big disaster?

Enough with the silly mindless hype about a marginal event many years into the future.