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Wed 20 Jul 2011 12:50 PM

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Briton fined AED3,000 for insulting Ramadan

Dubai court fines 31-year-old woman for insulting religious celebration on Facebook

Briton fined AED3,000 for insulting Ramadan

A British expat has been fined AED3, 000 for insulting Ramadan on a social networking site and calling her colleague a dictator, it was reported Wednesday.

The 31-year old woman, who admitted posting a status update on her Facebook page expressing her dislike for Ramadan, was charged at the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours on Tuesday, according to The National.

The colleague of the accused, an Egyptian woman, said in a statement to the court that she had seen a “disrespectful” status update about Ramadan on September 4 last year. 

“I told her to not say such things about the holy month as she was in a Muslim country,” she was quoted as telling prosecutors by the paper.

The accused responded by calling the woman stupid and ignorant and saying she was a closed-minded dictator and a follower of bin Laden, said the newspaper.

Police referred the accused to prosecutors eight months later on charges of insulting a religious creed. That charge was dismissed before being referred to the court on insult charges.

Judge Mohammed Ahmed Shoaib fined the accused AED3,000. 

Dubai police officials warned last month that non-Muslims risk arrest if they are caught eating in public during Ramadan, when consuming food and drink is banned under UAE laws between sunrise and sunset.

Ranches Dave 8 years ago

Plesae try to be more accurate. As even your own article explains, the expat was NOT even prosecuted for insulting Ramadan but was fined for insulting the Egyptian. This is quite different and you do Dubai a disservice by claiming otherwise.

JP 8 years ago

There is a further inaccuracy - it is not illegal to consume food or beverage during the fasting hours. It is merely illegal to do so in public.

abdul hafeez sheikh 8 years ago

This is the spirit of Muslim Leaders. I appreciate the decision of Dubai court . If somebody comes to a Muslim country, at least they should respect our religion and Customs .

Fathima Padayachee 8 years ago


Malik 8 years ago

I agree brother Abdul Hafeez. We should also do the same when living in western Christian countries.

John 8 years ago

You can force your own people not to eat in public, but why you would force non-muslims to do the same?

wally 8 years ago

I think all non-muslim who have problem not eating in public during the holy month of Ramadan should get out of all muslim countries during this month and save us the drama. In Europe, law makers do all kind of rules and ALL people regardless of your background or religion should follow and accept. Is it too much to ask to respect the country's religion and cultures? is too much to ask to be thoughtful of people around you?

Ali al Kash 8 years ago

These are the rules and customs of the middle east. If any westerners do not like, they are welcomed to leave our tax free havens and go back to where they can freely disrespect each other. No one is forcing them to stay.

Morten Haaland 8 years ago

You should respect the country and its citizens that you visit or live in. But how can you get fined after posting an opinion? If this was the case, there are a lot of immigrants that should be fined all over the world. If ppl. want to eat in the open before the sunset, it should be up to them? I dont tell you what to do, I don't force my opinion on you. If someone critizise you and you get angry or upset about it, its you that have the problem, like I would have the problem if you critizise me an my religion. True? Please appolygise for my poor english :)

Dark Horse 8 years ago


The reason why people condemn Islam is because of what Islamists are doing across almost every country on the planet. Islam is a great problem, although the UAE is not a typical muslim country because it is tolerant and respects people who aren't muslims. This is not the case everywhere.