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Tue 2 Apr 2019 12:40 PM

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Meet Matthias Sheikh Mende

Brand View: "Business Leadership = Thought Leadership", the superstar entrepreneur Matthias Mende on how blockchain brings advantage to enterprise and on how personal image empowers a corporate brand

Meet Matthias Sheikh Mende
Matthias Sheikh Mende, the chief strategy officer of Block Gemini

Meet Matthias Sheikh Mende, the chief strategy officer of Block Gemini, the founder of MEMMOS, cosmopolitan and socialite, who gives his ultimate advice to all brilliant minds launching their innovative products, “Business leadership equals thought leadership. You are the face, top influencer and the most potential communicator for your company. Let people get to know you, and they will have trust in what you create.”

Block Gemini, the Dubai-based enterprise blockchain solutions provider, was launched in 2017 by Christopher Fernandez and an international team of IT experts and blockchain geeks, under the noble mission of leveraging the potential of one of the most promising and innovative technologies of our time, currently known as “the new internet”.

The over 100 People strong company has been working on various enterprise-grade projects, including the state-of-the-art blockchain-based SCM solution for a local supply chain transportation giant, recently awarded as “Technology Implementation of the Year”.

Mende’s appointment as the CSO of Block Gemini inaugurated the company’s course towards a brand new business development strategy, where roadshows and spectacular live demonstrations of blockchain-based platforms are as important as high-level networking.

Matthias Mende has already been known in the IT industry and the crypto space around the globe and won an award as best Crypto Influencer 2018 on a big blockchain conference in Singapore. Mobile App developer, digital media expert and blockchain implementation advisor to CEOs of top-ranking companies and government representatives, he is also a VIP habitué to some of the biggest tech events, conferences and invite-only parties.

In his Instagram @SheikhMende you can see him around Hollywood celebrities, royals, politicians and Blockchain Tycoons like Brock Pierce, John McAfee, Evan Luthra, Elon Musk just name them. It may appear that Mende has a life an average human being can only dream about, but for the Entrepreneur and Founder of Dubai’s creative social media agency MEMMOS, that is just a part of the self-branding strategy which Matthias incorporated into his lifestyle.

In an interview, the serial entrepreneur gave a broad picture of his world with many interesting answers:

Why do you think blockchain is the technology of the future?

Blockchain technology is a shared distributed ledger technology that enables tracking assets and recording transactions in a business network. Empowered by the principles of transparency, immutability and safety in its core, blockchain tech, being implemented in an enterprise digital framework for example, significantly reduces human error, cuts costs, eliminates the middleman and enhances the overall security of all the processes.  There are endless use cases where blockchain could be applied and one of my favourite parts about it is that it can stop lots of corruption.

It is noteworthy that the UAE Government was among the pioneers who recognized the immense potential of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Can you elaborate more about what the Government of UAE is doing?

Well, the Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched in 2018 officially the Blockchain Strategy aimed to make UAE the first blockchain-powered government by the year 2021. I was absolutely impressed reading those facts where the Dubai Government listed a few theoretical improvements which are savings of AED 11 billion in transactions annually. A reduction of 398 million printed documents and 77 million work hours annually. So that's all going to happen.

The innovative solution, developed by Block Gemini and implemented by one of the supply chain industry leaders, is a good example of a successful DLT-based digital transformation.

Do you mind to tell us more about this solution?

There are many problem areas in everyday logistics processes, including delays in payments, room for human errors (as all notifications are performed manually while some of them are stored on paper only) and the fact that existing platforms cannot communicate with each other. The Block Gemini Team developed the blockchain-based solution able to address all of these issues. The platform is comprised of multiple modules, covering warehousing management, trip planning, sales & purchase agreements, third-party APIs and legacy systems. As a result, the platform brings automated workflows, improved operational efficiency, reduced costs and manpower requirements. Not forget to mention several awards and extreme recognition from some of the smartest people in the blockchain industry which I personally witness all the time when my business partner Christopher gives them a live demonstration.We love getting legends fascinated.

You are a well-established public figure. What is your mission at Block Gemini?

As defined by Block Gemini co-founders long before its inception, the company is aimed to bring the world and its leading enterprises and governments closer to the mainstream use of blockchain technology. Our team has notably succeeded in accomplishing the goal of the creation of innovative customized blockchain solutions for Global Trade, FinTech, Digital Media, Smart Cities, etc. Overlooking a little bit of everything in general at the company, I envision my mission at Block Gemini mainly in establishing strategic partnerships and initiatives, essential for the company’s ongoing development, being an active player in both real-life and digital business communities. I enjoy connecting great people together and love to see results.  In the same time, we learn because everything is so new.

What about all those failed past Initial Coin Offering Blockchain Projects?

Thank God that I was never involved in one. No matter how fascinating some sounded and how much money they wanted to pay me for my endorsements. I would never touch anything I don't have faith in succeeding. If there was any red flag in my due diligence then I would stay totally out. Unfortunate and sadly many innocent people lost millions of hard earned money but now, fortunately, lots of strict regulations and laws came out worldwide which will stop bad projects and scams. I love regulations because regulations will protect innocent people and improve the reputation of Blockchain Projects. Simply once there is a law, there is order.

So, is there nothing else which you support in the Blockchain sector other than being the Chief Strategist at Block Gemini?

Of course, I do. Just one project only. It's my favourite too because it's very much needed in the market and I feel the huge potential of succeeding because the project is moving so well. It's made in Germany and I am the Special Advisor for everything.  It's a highly regulated Security Token Offering which is approved by the FINMA and SEC.  A true Unicorn which won first place Awards in worldwide top conferences competing against other incredible startups. Most recently in January, it won the Award “Best STO of the Year” at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

This sounds more than exciting. What does it do and what's the name?

Its called HYGH. Imagine HYGH as the Air BNB or UBER for the Advertising Industry. Anybody can share his screen for another party to advertise.The Idea is to connect all the screens in the World with the HYGH Software. You really have to go on the web and see the explanatory video. HYGH is developing well, the MVP is already operational. New Users are joining daily and new partnerships getting established on a monthly basis.I love HYGH and it makes me proud to advise them.

How can you build a strong personal brand and relationships in any industry?

Once you become an expert in your respective field, the answer is simple: talk to people and educate them. Don't try to sell, just educate. There are numerous platforms available for everyone willing to communicate their ideas to the audience: traditional and social media, events, digital communities, conferences. Leverage their potential wisely: learn from the best and share your knowledge, make friends and gain followers, spread the word about what you do and what you like. Ask the people what they are working on, what problems they are facing and then analyze rapidly if you can give them an immediate solution. Always try to help and give spontaneously. You never know who you might meet and who that person could introduce you too. Build your social media and invest in your digital identity, it is a must. Never stop learning and stay up to date, that's absolutely fundamental because you will be aware about what is going to happen tomorrow.

Great advises. Thanks, Matthias. What about the branding aspect of an enterprise itself?

Without any doubt, a good digital marketing agency with a proven track of successful campaigns should be among your strategic allies. There are many fundamental points to be taken care of which can only be defined based on the vision of your enterprise itself. From content, corporate identity to community management, just the right image, everything should be planned wisely, but always remember that the influencers that bring the most benefit to your company are always in-house. Your own team, I believe that you should create your own superstars and encourage your own team players in who you see the potential. Few times I witnessed that if some enterprise decision makers get to know me, then they personally like me, then they will insist to deal with my company just because of their faith or likability for me. Honestly, I feel that's a bit wrong, but in the end, it brings growth and money for everybody I partner or work with. It’s a win win. I would recommend on identifying and then transforming some your talented employees to social media likeable lead magnets. Invest into your team.

Why is that?

Who else can speak better and represent your company or your product better than the internal people which are your employees? Hello, we arrived in 2019 and Instagram became like a CV these days. Before nobody would believe that Instagram would play such a big role in life and especially not in business. But hey, it clearly does. People find you or your business through Instagram. Pictures sometimes talk louder than words or a LinkedIn Account. Obviously don't believe everything you see, if things are unclear then ask or research. Never assume anything! Social Media is at the end the modern way of improving your brand. Make your employees shine out more than others and then simply your cooperation will be rewarded. Or if you want to do a short cut just inquire at ITP Live, they have been adding lots of value to lots of cooperations with their elite influencers.

Our readers will be grateful. Matthias, do you have some final words to say? Are you planning on working on some another exciting venture?

Yes, I do. I am totally fascinated by Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and 5G… I been learning a lot and speaking to some of the worlds industry leaders. All those technologies mixed together will bring applications and systems to light which humanity never ever thought about.  It's going to be a total transformation. So, I am working on a great idea which hopefully you will hopefully write about once my theories proof themselves successfully in practice. Also, I am looking into the Gaming Industry and planning on launching a small fund by the end of the year. Thank You so much for interviewing me and wishing Success, Love & Light to all the readers.

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