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Wed 4 Jan 2012 08:10 PM

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Cavalli Club guest racks up $105k bill in one night

Party receipt from exclusive Dubai club sets tongues wagging on social media sites

Cavalli Club guest racks up $105k bill in one night
The club is a partnership between Italian designer Roberto Cavalli and Pragma Group
Cavalli Club guest racks up $105k bill in one night
A receipt from the Cavalli Club in Dubai dated Jan 2 totals AED387,988.

Birthday celebrations don't come much classier than this... or more expensive.

A receipt from the Cavalli Club in Dubai, dated January 2, which totalled AED387,988 ($105,629), was published on social media sites Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday.

The bill from the exclusive club based in the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai, included a six-litre bottle of Cristal Champagne for AED125,000.

Also on the bill were a couple of two-litre bottles of Cristal costing AED70,000, 24 Diet Cokes at Dh528 and 10 Red Bulls at Dh290.

The only food listed was a small birthday cake costing AED120

Staff say the high spend is a regular occurrence in the club, with an average of 24 tables a year spending between AED200,000 and AED500,000 in a single evening.

“Despite individuals and businesses feeling the effects of the downturn throughout 2011, Cavalli Club has seen high-spenders consistently frequent the venue,” said David Lescarret, operations manager at Cavalli Dubai.

“Last year saw an average of two tables per month spend between AED 200,000 to AED 500,000 in one night, and we expect this trend to continue into the New Year, with one customer already having spent just under AED 400,000.”

The luxurious nightclub said it stocks the most expensive champagne in the world - the Louis Roederer, Millennium Cristal Brut 1990, priced at a massive AED500,000 for a single bottle.

There are only two other Millennium bottles for sale around the globe according to bar managers, which can be found in London and New York.

Cavalli Club opened in Dubai in the Fairmont hotel in May 2009, after Beirut-based investment company Pragma Group inked a deal with the Italian fashion designer to obtain the franchise rights for the brand.

Pragma said in May last year it would launch three Cavalli Cafes in Istanbul in the next eighteen months as part of a $150m global expansion, in a bid to capitalise on the brand’s success in the region.

The group also announced plans to expand the Cavalli Club brand in Miami, Moscow and London in the next three years.

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Clevatreva 7 years ago

Anyone who pays Dhs 29 for a can of Red Bull deserves to get ripped off!

Anon 7 years ago

And there are people starving in the world?? Seriously???

Pete Johnston 7 years ago

Actually, now I'm a bit disappointed that this customer didn't go for the Louis Roederer, Millennium Cristal Brut 1990 instead ;-)

Telcoguy 7 years ago

it is not about being ripped off, it is about showing off. The guy (I assume a guy) wanted to show off, the club owner covered that need. Same you can find in Moscow, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Madrid, NY, Paris or London
You may think the guy is an idiot, but it is after all his money. Consenting adults and all that.

Maroun 7 years ago

Shame on you rich people , that's all I can say, one day when you don't have a cent you will know the value of every penny you spent foolishly!

Telcoguy 7 years ago

How does his (again assuming is a male with a need to overcompensate) choice of spending money affect you?
He could have decided to spend it on a new car, or a watch (a LangeSohne Cabaret Tourbillon will cost you $250k) or apiece of jewelry or in traveling somewhere by renting a boat... he chose to drink it. So what? Other people have spent that money in the things that I listed. Actually people do that every day and nobody complains.
Had he chosen to spend the money on something different would impact any of us?

And just as a hint for some readers. You do not need to agree with his choice to agree with his right to spend as he wishes.

chris 7 years ago

Many people starve because of decades of corruption, laziness and a combination of these two ingredients. Now we can debate on who's fault it is (is it their fathers' laziness, or their govenment's corruption etc).

But bottom line is, very...very rarely is it due to pure natural misfortune.

Countries that have in-hospitable climates should all the more have people with will, determination and brotherhood to survive, instead of stupid in-fighting.

Altruism is dead, or at least it should be as Ayn Rand would say.
You only live once. Why not live it up?

I agree that anything in excess will kill you..smoking 10 packs a day or 20 pepsi cans a night.. but that's why they bought diet coke ;)

Let 'em live it. It's their money! (or their non-lazy father's money)

Ahmad 7 years ago

... Its not a world record !! Next time calim the fame only if you are worth it ;)

Yahya 7 years ago

You will always come across such bills as long as there are customers as daft as this, so just relax and enjoy such idiocies.

Ahmad 7 years ago

Dubai's back!! Yessss. And I thought the high rollers had left town. This is what Dubai needs to bring it back to the 'old days' and stabilize the economy. The oppressed tourists continue to board those 'freedom flights' to Dubai where they can escape their societies and ineffective governments who never bother to upgrade their nations, but rather pocket the wealth of the nations. In fact, these tourists were the most loyal or shall I say selfishly determined to flee their societies in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iran. However they don't pump the cash into the economy that Dubai needs and deserves for building the most beautiful, modern society in the GCC.