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Sun 8 Oct 2017 10:54 AM

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Spreading its wings: Eagle Hunters Services

Under the leadership of Tej B Raj Lohia, Eagle Hunters Services is achieving rapid international growth

Spreading its wings: Eagle Hunters Services
Tej B Raj Lohia says: Be prepared to do 15 hours a day if you want to work in manpower services

Under the leadership of managing director and CEO, Tej B Raj Lohia, Eagle Hunters Services has been achieving double digit growth in the UAE.

Established in 1982 in India, 2003 in Singapore and 2001 in the UAE, Lohia spearheads the company’s international operations.

“The company has flourished globally and seen 15% year-on-year growth in its UAE franchise,” he tells CEO Middle East.

The company provides a diverse range of manpower solutions, covering the realms of security, MEP, housekeeping, events, and concierge and lifeguard services.  The company has gained a, “significant portion” of the regional market for outsourced security services, particularly at hotels and corporate facilities.

Lohia says the company’s clients need skilled manpower, at affordable rates, with flexibility to hire on a permanent or temporary basis. Eagle Hunters strives to match skillsets with the client’s stated criteria and offers the client much sought-after flexibility in the wake of fluctuating market demand.

The company’s client base, Lohia says, is loyal. Many have been customers for two decades and the CEO says holding on to clients is a key focus for the company.

“We believe in client retention, we make sure we look after them personally, we make continuous efforts to meet the demands of our clients, creating value in terms of profitability for them, which results in retaining our client base,” Lohia says. “We ensure that we are of immense value to them as stakeholders in their organisations.”

His sector has seen big changes in recent years as economic and technological advancements have altered the way many companies hire. Corporations, Lohia says, are embracing the importance of having a solid people strategy and the need for investing further in HR functions within their organisations.

Amongst the challenges in his sector are skill shortages, a mismatch between available skills and customer needs, falling recruitment budgets and keeping the availability of manpower in line with fluctuating market demand.

“Of course, there are always challenges to overcome, but they can also be seen as opportunities,”  Lohia says. “When you know what are the hurdles to your company’s success, you can formulate plans to jump over them and succeed.”

Lohia says he has inherited his appetite for business from his father BR Lohia, chairman of Eagle Hunters Services, whom he describes as his inspiration, guide and mentor. His father, Lohia says, has helped him stay grounded and shown him how to do business with, “transparency, honesty and integrity”.

The CEO also admires David Hudson, who established G4S in India and Asia, citing his ability to manage and motivate a large workforce.

In his approach to management, Lohia follows the saying of guru Peter Drucker: “The task is to lead people. And the goal is to make productive the specific strength and knowledge of every individual”.

He enjoys cycling and cricket and is an early riser, often starting as early as 5am to give him enough time to achieve work/life balance.

His advice for anyone considering entering his industry is to, “be ready to work at least 15 hours a day”. He does, however, foresee continued growth and thus opportunity in an ever expanding GCC and, particularly, UAE.