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Founded: 13 August 1984
Address: Floor 10, Addax Tower
Phone: 973 17584000
Fax: 973 17584017

Ithmaar Bank

Ithmaar Bank was incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 13 August 1984 under the name of Faysal Investment Bank of Bahrain EC (FIBEC). Until 2003, FIBEC was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shamil Bank with an investment banking license granted by the BMA and engaged in acting as a manager of funds deposited for investment in accordance with the Sharia.

In October 2003, Ithmaar acquired certain investments from DMI. Through its purchase, Ithmaar indirectly acquired a 49% interest in Faisal Finance (Switzerland) SA and a 28% interest in Faysal Bank Limited of Pakistan.

In addition, Ithmaar purchased on the same date DMI's 40% interest in Solidarity Company BSC for a total consideration of USD 40 million and its 23% interest in Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt for USD 34.125 million.


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