Company Info

Founded: 29 November 1982
Address: Union National Bank Building, Salam Street
Abu Dhabi
Phone: 971 2 6741600
Fax: 971 2 6786080

Union National Bank - UAE

Established as a Public Joint Stock Company in 1982, the bank is jointly owned by the Governments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It provides retail and commercial services.

Union Brokerage Company (UBC), one of the oldest brokerage firms in UAE, is a subsidiary of UNB.

The Al Wifaq Finance Company, also a subsidiary of UNB, provides Sharia compliant financial, commercial and investing services to both organizations and individuals in compliance with the rules and principals of the Islamic Law.

The bank has a presence in the Egyptian banking sector through its acquisition of the Alexandria Commercial and Maritime Bank.
The loan ranger

The loan ranger

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Fitch rates UNB 'A+'

10 years ago