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Tue 23 Apr 2013 10:13 AM

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Converted ex-Islamophobe to produce Islamic movie

Former Geert Wilders supporter Arnoud Van Doorn says film will hail the Prophet Mohammed

Converted ex-Islamophobe to produce Islamic movie
Grand Mosque, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

A high profile former Dutch Islamophobe has said he is planning to produce a film hailing the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam.

Arnoud Van Doorn shocked the Islamic world and Europe earlier this year when he announced his conversion to Islam more than a year after quitting Holland’s venomously anti-Islam political party run by Geert Wilders.

Van Doorn also was involved in the production of the 2011 anti-Islamic film Fitna, which inspired Al Qaeda to issue a Fatwa against Wilders and Muslim countries to condemn the movie.

However, Van Doorn claims he is now on “the right path” and he will attempt to “repair the damage” he caused to Islam.

He told the Saudi Gazette he would produce an international film with Canadian Dawah Association to spread “the true message of Islam”.

“I will try my best to repair the damage that I caused to Islam and its Prophet through the film Fitna,” he was quoted as saying.

 “It was unfortunate that I did not make any efforts to know what really Islam is [before producing Fitna] and who is the Prophet before blindly believing in the misinformation campaign being unleashed by the anti-Islamic forces.

“When I came to realize that it was not Islam, I decided to study about the religion and that led to my conversion.”

RAH 6 years ago

insha'Allah God will accept his repentance (for He is the most merciful) and He wont judge him for his past misdeeds and movie Fitna - a new lease on life basically, and something he deserves indeed.

Good for Van Doorn and may God bless him and his new work. Wishing him all the best and success.

KSA 6 years ago

I hope he has sincerely converted and not converted simply to later revert and make fun of Islam