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Mon 6 Apr 2015 11:30 AM

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Court convicts 28 guests over Dubai yacht sex party

Five accused sentenced to a year in prison, while others were convicted of drinking alcohol & having extramarital relations

Court convicts 28 guests over Dubai yacht sex party
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Dubai Court has convicted 28 people of drinking alcohol and having extramarital sex during a raucous yacht party last October.

The men and women, mostly from Arab countries, were found guilty of various offences but all were fined AED2000 ($544) for “beautifying the sin”, which means having contact with others of the opposite sex without being related or married.

Five of the accused – two men and three women – were sentenced to a year in prison and will be deported after serving their sentences, reported Emirates 247.

Eight of the accused were found guilty of consuming alcohol. However, the court acquitted one person of a charge of possessing 110 different types of alcohol.

The yacht had reportedly left Dubai Marina for an overnight cruise on October 9 and returned early on October 10.

However, it was reported that the police had received a tip-off about the party so had placed the vessel under surveillance and were waiting at the pier with arrest warrants when it returned at 6am.

Officers boarded the yacht and found many of its occupants visibly drunk.

The sentences can be appealed, reported 7Days newspaper.

John 4 years ago

I think Dubai needs a reality check. Duty frees are burgeoning with alcohol and alcohol is easily accessible, together with the amount of music concerts with alcohol served - something is off. GCC nationals from neighboring countries fly to Dubai for this type of freedom, so I think it is time for Dubai to address their legal systems?

Ulevpri 4 years ago

In fact this things happen every week, with every nationality you can think about. No person/nationality is better than the other. It is all about what you pretend to be... This people have been caught, but this is just reflecting a small percentage of the people who are doing this on a daily base. In my country no problem... in here it shouldn't be... this is life, this is humans... nothing bad on this... yes, a reality check is required, to confess that even in here people are celebrating their life, regardless of religion or nationality.

Doug 4 years ago

There's also another question to be asked here. The boat sailed out from the marina. Was it still in Emirati territorial waters when the activities took place? Do the courts in the UAE have jurisdiction over activities which are crimes in the UAE taking place outside of UAE territory?

MT3 4 years ago

Boats and their occupants are still subject to the laws of the jurisdiction of the country of the flag that the boat flies when in international waters and every vessel must have a registered jurisdiction. In this case this is most likely the UAE and therefore everyone aboard when in international waters is still bound by UAE law. If the boat was for example registered in Holland then once outside of UAE waters it would fall under Dutch law.

Sami 4 years ago

Shariah Laws have made it extremely difficult to convict anyone of having sex out of wedlock and here the court have convicted 5 people on the boat of this crime, which I cannot understand. I also agree with John that the legal system in the UAE needs to be modernized to fit the life style in Dubai, the current legal system may be suitable in KSA but certainly not be fitting of the UAE.

Doug 4 years ago

@MT3 - thanks for the clarification - genuinely didn't know so good to be correctly informed. I suspect on reflection it's unlikely the boat left UAE territorial waters anyway.

hlw 4 years ago

Why should people's private / sex lives be a government's business ? Politicians & other busy bodies ought to keep their noses out of people's bedrooms