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Thu 26 Feb 2015 03:34 PM

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Cryotherapy: What it's like being blasted with -170 degree Celsius cold air?

Some of the benefits of the treatment include blood rejuvenation, muscle growth, skin tightening, energy boosting, and weight loss

Cryotherapy: What it's like being blasted with -170 degree Celsius cold air?

Some like it hot, but others prefer it cold, -170 degrees Celsius cold in fact.

When I first heard about Cryotherapy, the first thought that popped in my head was: Does this actually work?

Cryotherapy is a process where your body is surrounded by extremely cold air, -170 Celsius, for a short period of time. This triggers your body to have an immune response that, in turn, boosts its performance.

Some of the benefits include blood rejuvenation, muscle growth, skin tightening, energy boosting, and weight loss.

Cryo Health centre in the Dubai Ladies Club (DLC) and Jumeirah Emirates Towers offer 3 minute full body treatments and 10 minute facials using the technique.

So when I got to their DLC branch, I must admit I was a bit nervous.

The centre was designed in a modern, minimal, all-white décor. Yet it had a calming and serene vibe.

Perhaps it was the genuinely nice and easy going staff, who offered me something to drink while I filled out a consent form.


The form stated that cryotherapy is inappropriate for anyone who has hypertension, deep vein thrombosis, cold allergy, previous or current cancer treatments, or is pregnant.

After signing the form and having my blood pressure taken by a technician, I was introduced to the cryotherapy room.

The room looked like something out of a space movie. It was blue-lit, had a giant metal cylinder, and an electric bicycle.

The cylinder, open from the top, was the cryosauna, where I would have my full body treatment, which involved standing for three minutes -170 Celsius air.

After slipping into a robe, I was instructed to wear thick socks, foot mittens, and hand mittens.

The sauna was now overflowing with cold steam, I was ready to go in.

The moment the sauna door opened and I slipped out of my robe, I realised just how cold -170 degrees is.

As I was standing in the shower-like space, my first reaction was shock, followed by panic, followed by laughter at the shock and panic. I was freezing in a closed space, with only my head mercifully warm.


Luckily, the situation was a bit comedic. The two technicians distracted me by blasting Maroon 5’s “Sugar” and encouraging me to keep moving to the music so I did’t feel as cold.

And it worked! The first two minutes passed by quickly, as they conversed with me and we shared a few laughs at the situation at hand.

Surprisingly, it was only in the last minute that my legs started to go numb, and even then, it was tolerable.

Before I knew it, the three minutes were up and I was back in my robe.

I was advised to get on to the electrical bicycle to heat up my body.

But I didn’t need to cycle for long, because to my surprise, just a few seconds later, I felt a sudden rush of energy and was feeling really good.

I didn’t feel cold or shivery, on the contrary, I really felt that the machine had boosted my blood flow; I felt quite warm.

The next step was the 10 minute cryo facial, where, in another room, I lay down to have -170 degrees Celsius cold air envelope my face.


This experience was a lot easier to handle than the full body treatment. I found it to be a pampering treat. Though the air was cold, it felt like a breeze on a December night.

Unlike the full body treatment, the air in the facial escalated from -1 to -170 on my skin, so it got colder gradually, which perhaps made it more pleasant.

The results were also evident quickly. After the treatment, I could hardly see the pores on my skin. My cheeks were rosy and my skin felt tight and smooth.

Unfortunately, the effects of the facial and full body treatment lasted only a few hours. The technicians had made it clear that more than one session was required to feel long-term effects. It advised to have at least three to four sessions.

So, does cryotherapy really work? I did see the short-term results, and Cryo Health does treat 40 clients per location per day.

If you can afford to spend AED400 ($108) for a 3 minutes, we’d say, go for it.

After all, some like it cold, like Cristiano Ronaldo, who spent $61,500 on a cryotherapy machine which he keeps at his residence for regular use.

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