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Sun 30 Dec 2012 09:40 AM

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Depa JV rebuts Qatar airport delay claims

New Doha International Airport contractor accuses Qatar Airways of making 'false' comments

Depa JV rebuts Qatar airport delay claims

Lindner Depa Interiors (LDI) has rebutted claims by Qatar Airways that it is responsible for major delays to the opening of the New Doha International Airport (NDIA) project.

The contractor, a German Emirati joint venture construction company, accused the Gulf airline of making a "false and misleading representation of the facts".

LDI said it was "deeply disappointed" by the allegations made by Qatar Airways and rebutted all claims. 

Qatar Airways said on Saturday it will file a $600m legal claim against LDI for causing a significant delay to the opening of the New Doha International Airport by up to a year.

But in a statement, LDI said it has never had a contract or relationship with Qatar Airways, nor has it received any legal claim from the airline.

LDI said it was currently in arbitration proceedings with the NDIA, with whom it was contracted to work.

"LDI was denied full access to the project site for the first nine months of the 16-month project. This delay, combined with NDIA’s refusal to pay acceleration costs recommended by its own management consultancy, meant LDI was unable to start all interior contracting work on site as planned. As a result, LDI was unable to meet its original contract completion date," it added.

LDI, which is a joint-venture between German-based Lindner group and UAE-based Depa, said it is seeking legal counsel "as a result of the damage caused to its reputation based on the false and misleading information made in the Qatar Airways statement".

Qatar Airways said on Saturday that LDI had undertaken to complete the construction of 19 airport lounges by the summer of 2012 in a contract worth over $250m, but had failed to complete the project on time.

The $15.5bn airport was due to have opened this month but has now been put back to the second half of 2013.

Qatar Airways, set to be the airport operator, claimed LDI had "badly defaulted" with the delayed airport opening seriously affecting the airline’s expansion plans, causing huge revenue losses, increased construction costs and delay penalties, and more importantly, inconveniencing passengers.

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procan 7 years ago

Pay your bills NDIA.

Qatari 7 years ago

Money is there, but it is for only those who actually DO the work as agreed upon.

Qatari-also 7 years ago

Qatari: Lindner has done THE leading airports in the world including Heathrow terminal 5, Hong Kong International airport, etc. Depa has done THE leading interiors in the world including Dubai's new and old terminals, Qatar's museum of islamic art, Burj Al Arab, Emirates Palace hotel, Singapore's marina bay sands, etc. These are world-class companies that have proven their professionalism on thousands of projects. There is no doubt in ANYONE's mind that the suspicious timing of this amount is for Al Baker to find a SCAPEGOAT for his own mismanagement and failings. Lindner Depa didnt have access to site for nine months of the sixteen months project, and Al Baker refused to pay them an acceleration fee or to postpone the deadline - he purposely set them up as a SCAPEGOAT before they even started.

The avenger 7 years ago

The bottom line is that the clients own consultant has recommended the payment for lost time . The situation shows ignorance and incompetance at it's highest level which sadly in Qatar is thriving and getting stronger day by day.
LDI will win through litigation , the NDIA are just using the usual bully boy tactics.
As the previous post says ....Pay your bills NDIA !

Runway King 7 years ago

Bang on the money Qatari-also . Everyone involved in construction in The Gulf knows how badly this project has been managed by the client .
Lidner Depa have been made a scapegoat but litigation will take it's course and they will win .
A project that is 4 years late and triple the cost . Al Baker needs to look closer at improving his standards on his third rate airline instead of getting involved with things he obviously knows very little about.

Derek 7 years ago

Al Baker needs to tone down his rhetoric and focus more on managing his airline and its venture(s). Last week he threatened to sue Boeing over a generator failure in one of the new Dreamliners. This kind of language is best kept for discussion in baord rooms and not in public releases.

Doha's new airport has been beset with design changes after changes; many due to lack of vision and management by the operator (i.e. QA and NDIA Steering Committee). Lindner contract was for the fit out of lounges and not to "finish" the airport. The airport is not currently even remotely finished waiting for the new contractor to finish Lindner's work.

In addition, Lindner's contract was awarded in October 2011. Having been denied access to site for nearly nine month, there was not even the slightest chance that the new airport would be ready in December 2012 as some claim it would have been.