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Thu 26 Mar 2015 11:43 AM

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Drunk passenger who slapped air stewardess jailed in Dubai

Flydubai aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia

Drunk passenger who slapped air stewardess jailed in Dubai

An Egyptian passenger who assaulted an air stewardess and insulted other crew members was been jailed for one year by the Dubai Courts.

The passenger became so disruptive on board the Flydubai flight from Dubai to Alexandria that he had to be restrained in his seat, and the flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia.

The man was sent back to Dubai, which led to his appearance at Dubai Court of First.

The court heard how the 40-year-old, who had been drinking prior to boarding the flight on November 26, asked for a glass of ice because he wanted to start drinking the alcohol that he had bought in duty free.

When he was refused, he began insulting a Moroccan air stewardess, and ignored pleas from cabin crew to calm down. The woman sat beside him asked to be moved via a note she passed to cabin crew because she was so frightened by his behaviour, but the man stopped her from doing so.

When he went to go to the toilet, he barged his way past the food trolley which was in his way. When he emerged from the toilet, he slapped one of the air stewardesses.

He was subsequently confined to his seat by cabin crew, before the flight made its emergency landing in Saudi Arabia. The man will be deported after serving his one year in jail.

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Nezaud 5 years ago

Unfortunately, money matter comes first. Operators continue selling Alchole on most airport Duty Free & Planes.

Chris 5 years ago

Rude and unruly passengers are part of the modern travel reality. This is an unfortunate incident, but would have far more to do with upbringing and manners than simply 'alcohol'. Funny thing, I have been in dry places and I still witness similar instances.

Robert Carter 5 years ago

@Nezaud is 100% correct. Infact I think it is utter hypocrisy for airlines to complain about Drunken passengers when it is they (the airlines) who are feeding them the alcohol in the first place. My opinion is that Alcoholic drinks should be banned at all airports and on all planes immediately in interests of safety.

Kaif 5 years ago

Airlines should stop serving any alcoholic drink for free.

Doug 5 years ago

I agree that a charge for alcohol may help but it doesn't necessarily prevent the wealthy from drinking and acting irresponsibly - particularly as with Emirates, there is a specific wealthy demographic that is probably used to doing what it likes.

There is also another issue in that it is documented that a person's tolerance to alcohol is reduced when flying at altitude. Even those who may be able to consume a couple of alcoholic drinks on the ground without becoming unpleasant and anti-social may find they are affected quite differently when airborne.

Azk 5 years ago

Its high time airlines ban alcoholic drinks on board or limit it to just one drink. There are many passengers who love the free alcohol and keep drinking. They mess they create is a nuisance for other passengers especially families with kids. If you are in a public space you have the option to walk away but on a plane you don't have that and have to put up with the nuisance. Imagine putting up with this for a 17 hour flight to US.

SSS 5 years ago

the article clearly states that the person had been drinking before he got on the plane and ask for ice to drink on board some alcohol he had brought on the plane himself. Not the airlines fault in any way, as they did not serve him a single drink.
if you want discuss rules on him being served in the airport or buying alcohol at duty free to bring on board, then thats relevant here...not airlines serving people on the plane.

Ponder 5 years ago

Really would help if some other commentators would understand the story and the airline.
Flydubai doesnt give alcohol for free. They charge for it so all your closet prohibitionists who actually just want to ban alcohol rather than help airline industry can think about that for a moment. What Chris said is right - it depends on upbringing and manners. Many guys can handle themselves perfectly fine. For the 1000s of flights that function perfectly fine daily, in a big enough sample size you will always have such unfortunate incidents.

Tina 5 years ago

Like Smoking is banned - Alcohol should be banned on flights.

Muhammad 5 years ago

Even if it is one incident and it is avoidable then why take an unnecessary risk? Are you suggesting that airlines screen passengers upbringing before allowing them to fly? Its amazing how the pro alcohol lobby continues to fly in the face of reason and continues to justify alcohol consumption on flights. There are plenty of incidents of flights being disrupted by drunk passengers. Can t drinkers even manage not to drink for the duration of a flight? If that is the case then they need medical help. The risk far out weighs the benefits and potentially affects so many lives.