Dubai 100: the most influential people in the emirate
Sun 28 May 2017 05:17 AM
Pierre Choueiri

Pierre Choueiri

Company: Choueiri Group

Designation: Chairman and CEO

Country: Lebanon

Choueiri Group markets and manages advertising space for 28 satellite and one terrestrial television stations, 13 print titles, 14 radio stations, and over 40 web portals. It also operates a network of outdoor signs in the Gulf. That is a lot of potentially influential space.

The group’s wings span 10 markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Japan, reaching 350 million consumers. Choueiri has 11 subsidiaries, six representative offices and more than 800 employees.

Founded by Pierre Choueiri’s father Antoine in 1970, Pierre’s leadership has seen Choueiri Group focus on providing advertisers and consumers with media options as well as generating added value.

“We have succeeded in our mission and along the way, created sustained and strategic partnerships with all our stakeholders that have enabled us to continuously strive to achieve greater heights and further success through our services,” says the company website.