Dubai 100: the most influential people in the emirate
Sun 28 May 2017 05:17 AM
Nilesh Ved

Nilesh Ved

Company: Apparel Group

Designation: Founder and chairman

Country: India

Nilesh Ved did not come from humble beginnings. If anything, he came from the family behind the largest gold bullion trading firm in Dubai since 1904. So why did he opt out of it? To pursue his own calling: retail.

Inspired by the American retail environment as a university student in Boston, Ved set his eyes on the Middle East in the hopes of mimicking the model in the nascent region. He started by bringing US clothing brand NineWest to Dubai in 1999, but quickly moved onto global hits such as Tim Hortons, Tommy Hilfiger and Aldo. Eighteen years later, Ved has a multi-million dollar conglomerate comprising over 1,700 stores and 75 brands in six countries. But the Indian magnate is a hit himself, fast and ever-moving, having announced in 2016 he plans to enter emerging markets such as Pakistan, Egypt and the Philippines.