Dubai 100: the most influential people in the emirate
Sun 28 May 2017 05:17 AM
Chaudary Abdul Hameed

Chaudary Abdul Hameed

Company: Ravi Restaurant Group

Designation: Chairman

Country: Pakistan

If you haven’t been to Ravi Restaurant, you haven’t experienced Dubai. The Mughlai-Pakistani menu has been popular with Pakistanis and expats alike for more than 30 years.

Owner Chaudary Abdul Hameed also has become a stalwart of the community. Every Pakistan Independence Day since the 1980s, he has offered a free breakfast for 500 of his fellow countrymen, saying that it is important that the men, often low-paid workers, receive quality food. He also encourages them to appreciate the opportunities the UAE has provided and to be thankful they are able to work in the country.

Chaudary Sahib, as he is popularly known, arrived in the UAE almost 50 years ago, from Wazir-Abad, in the Punjab province of Pakistan. He began his life in the Emirates as a labourer earning less than AED300 a month.

In 2014, he was presented with one of Pakistan’s first machine-readable passports in a show of respect for his commitment to his community. It was a true sign that this man represents the best his country has to offer.