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Sun 29 Jun 2014 01:58 PM

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Dubai brings in new mandatory test for property brokers

Real Estate Regulatory Agency says brokers must now pass annual test to renew their licences

Dubai brings in new mandatory test for property brokers

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), the regulatory authority of Dubai Land Department, said on Sunday that property brokers in the emirate must now pass an annual test to renew their licences.

The new ruling states that every broker must pass the test of the Dubai Real Estate Institution (DREI), the educational arm of the department in order to renew their Real Estate Brokerage Licence.

The new requirement was sent by RERA to all brokerage agencies and offices in Dubai in the form of an official notice, a statement said.

The letter said that RERA will not accept any request for the renewal of the Real Estate Brokerage Licence unless the request is accompanied with the results of the test which will come with a fee of AED700.

The Land Department said in the statement that the new rule "aims to ensure that Dubai's real estate brokers are fully equipped and prepared to serve clients in the real estate sector".

The Real Estate Licensing Department of RERA requires brokers to register and apply for the necessary test one month before their brokerage licences expire.

If brokers do not comply with the time limit for registering for the test, they will be subject to taking a course as a prerequisite for the renewal of their licenses, the statement said, adding that the fee for the course will be AED2,500.

RERA's official letter to brokers also included a notice pertaining to the cancellation of expired brokers' licenses. Any licence that has expired for six or more months will be cancelled 10 days from the date of the circular's issuance.

RERA called on brokers to immediately renew their licences in order to avoid cancellations.

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broker 5 years ago

I am a broker and I just finished my phase III RERA exam. During my examination, I sat with people who were doing phase II RERA exam and we had identical test sheets. I really do appreciate what RERA and Dubai government is trying to do, Dubai needs better brokers and they are on the right path but they need to plan it better. If you are doing the same test for phase II and phase III, wouldn't that suggest that it is just a money making scheme rather than a legitimate examination? Thank you.

khalid 5 years ago

another way/reason to increase extra fees.
oh well, at least we're in a tax free country.

Sam 5 years ago

sounds like the annual Vehicle safety test which takes 2 min per car :)

Simon 5 years ago

Considering RERA brought these tests/exams in back in doesn't seem to have enhanced the 'Knowledge' of supposed Agents. The answers to questions are given in the 'tutorials'. How do you think so many agents who are serioulsy not educated to a high standard can pass this exam?...especially when written English is NOT their first language...let alone spoken english. You only have to speak to the agents out there to understand they are tremendously lacking in knowledge, skills and education.

RERA provide for two languages, Arabic and English. If they provide others, its news to me.

RERA is just a toothless Tiger who need more and more agents on board to fund their depts. They are definitely not there for the protection of investors as has been well documented on this very website and from the hundreds of anecdotal comments that get posted daily.

ahad 5 years ago

Mr Broker , next time your in exam please look at your own exam paprr instead of others.

Ana 5 years ago

Simon - you really think RERA is really worried about these tests. They are more concerned about the Dh 700/- they will get plus the air of being "professional".

Rick 5 years ago

I am simply amazaed at the lack of professionalism, aboility to converse in English as well as dedication displayed by the so called estate agents in Dubai.
Some of these so called agents should never be allowed to hold a RERA license. Some of the so called companies should never be allowed to trade.
Dubai will never realise its dream of having an up market western based property market as long as there are ill educated people with RERA cards and companies that simply have no clue how to communicate or deal with customer facing clients...

A real shame that the Dubai property market continues to surge and yet there are utter un professionals that are being left to run ragged over the market..... RERA please wake up!

broker 5 years ago

Mr. Ahad, I was not the only one form my company doing the exam. We had brokers doing phase II and we found out after we had the same test. Also, we were taking examination papers from the same pile which we noticed after taking the exam.

I don't think Ms. Sobia from RERA would allow any cheating anyway :P