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Mon 20 Dec 2010 12:50 PM

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Dubai court sentences Briton to life for murder

MA’s 15-year sentence extended to life on appeal for murder of ex-girlfriend Kerry Winter

Dubai court sentences Briton to life for murder
Dubai Court of Appeals has extended the sentence of a British man found guilty of murder

Court of Appeals has sentenced a Briton charged with killing his South African
ex-girlfriend to life in prison, ten years longer than the originally jail term
handed to the man.

was sentenced to 15 years in June by the Criminal Court of First Instance for the
murder of Kerry Winter in 2008.

36, disappeared in August 2008 after a quarrel with MA. He was later charged
with bludgeoning her to death with a baseball bat and dumping her body in the

of Winter’s neighbours witnessed the fight and saw MA beating her with a
baseball bat and then forcing her into her car. Traces of her blood were later
found in the vehicle.

was spared the death penalty as neither her body nor the murder weapon were
ever found.

has insisted that he is innocence and that there is no evidence to support the
case against him. He told the court on Sunday that he had confessed to the killing in a bid to prevent his fiance and son also being arrested.

His lawyers are expected to file a final appeal at the Dubai
Court of Cassation.

al-Jaziri, the lawyer for relatives of Winter, said the family now want MA to
reveal the location of their daughter’s body.