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Thu 7 Nov 2013 07:33 PM

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Dubai court stiffens sentence for Roy Nasr drink driver

Dubai Appeal Court hands down extra AED5,000 fine to driver who killed former Arab triathlon champion

Dubai court stiffens sentence for Roy Nasr drink driver
Roy Nasr during one of his triathlon runs.

The Dubai Appeal Court has handed down a stiffer sentence to the drink driver who killed former Arab triathlon champion Roy Nasr in Dubai.

The court fined the Filipino defendant, who pleaded guilty, an extra AED5,000 and suspended his driving licence for six months.

In September, the Dubai Traffic Misdemeanour Court jailed the 24-year-old Filipino driver, known onlyas WJ, for a month, ordered him to pay AED200,000 in blood money to Nasr’s family and suspended his licence for three months.

“The court has decided that it is enough for the defendant to have spent a month in jail. He will have to pay AED5,000 in fine and Dh200,000 in blood money to the deceased’s family,” said presiding judge Aysar Fouad in comments published by Dubai daily Gulf News.

Prosecutors appealed the primary judgement and sought a stiffer punishment for the defendant. Records show that the blood money had not yet been deposited in the court’s treasury, the paper reported.

Thursday’s judgement remains subject to appeal within 30 days.

Fifty-year old Nasr was killed on September 6 when the defendant's car swerved into a group of three cyclists near Dubai’s Safa Park. His fellow cyclists sustained serious injuries.

The initial sentence caused shock among close friends and Dubai’s cycling community, with a close friend of Nasr telling Arabian Business of his shock at the one-month prison sentence.

In the aftermath of the verdict, Dubai residents also took to social networking site Twitter to express their disbelief over the sentence. Hundreds of tribute messages have also been posted on the Facebook page of the TriDubai club he co-founded.

John Hughes 6 years ago

No deportation, I thought that was mandatory for these things

Ree 5 years ago

OK the fine and blood money BUT he killed someone - not accidently but through selfish negligence - drinking is one thing - but to drive after is murder

David 5 years ago

Canadian drink-driving laws, when death results, are much tougher. The country's Criminal Code allows judges to hand out, as maximum penalties, life in prison (albeit with the option to apply for day parole after 4 years and full parole after 7) and a lifetime driving ban. A couple of years ago, Jack Tobin, despite being the son of a prominent ex-politician, fessed up to having been drunk at the wheel of his pickup truck when he ran over and killed a friend of his. Tobin's Canada-wide driving privileges were suspended for 7 years, from the date of his sentence. His driving ban should've been longer, but getting an ignition interlock installed on any vehicle he drives (when he does get his licence back) won't be his only concern. He'll have to re-sit all theory and practical driving tests, given the length of his driving ban.