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Mon 26 Sep 2011 06:14 PM

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Dubai eyes top F&B brands for new A380 terminal

Dubai Airports says it has invited world class firms to submit bids to be part of Concourse 3

Dubai eyes top F&B brands for new A380 terminal
Dubai airport

Dubai Airports said on Monday it was inviting world class food and beverage operators to submit bids to become part of the new dedicated A380 terminal.

Expected to be completed by the end of 2012, Concourse 3 will be the only facility of its kind with all its 20 aircraft contact gates dedicated to the A380, in addition to 13 remote stands.

Operator Dubai Airports said it top class F&B providers had until October 16 to submit expressions of interest for the new facility.

Eugene Barry, vice president - Commercial, Dubai Airports, said: "Dubai Airports' commercial direction has changed in recent times. As we continue to emerge as a leading global hub, the available brand concepts, and calibre of services, at our airports have to match, and even exceed, the rising expectations of an increasingly international clientele.

"Our experience and success at Concourse 1 and 2 are the result of a similar customer-centric approach, but Concourse 3 gives us a blank canvas that will help us set a new and higher standard," Barry added.

Concourse 3 will increase Dubai International's total passenger capacity from the current 60 million per annum to 75 million passengers.

It represents an important part of the airport's infrastructure expansion plan that is driven by rising passenger numbers, which are expected to reach 51 million in 2011.

Dubai International is expected to achieve a cumulative annual growth rate of 7.2 percent, outstripping industry average forecast of around 5 percent.

It also expects to take the top spot as the busiest hub for international passengers by 2015.

The 528,000 sq m Concourse 3 offers numerous opportunities for food and beverage operators, service providers and innovative brands, Barry said.

Dubai Duty Free said last month that it would part-finance the building of a fourth concourse at Dubai International Airport, in its first large-scale infrastructure investment.

The world’s largest airport retailer, which raked in $1.27bn in sales in 2010, is state-owned, and the investment forms part of a wider plan to inject $7.8bn into expanding Dubai’s airports.

“Dubai Duty Free will part-finance the development of Concourse 4 at Dubai International Airport in cooperation with Dubai Airports,” Colm McLoughlin, executive vice chairman of Dubai Duty Free (DDF) said in a statement.

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Traveller 8 years ago

Good to hear, same time hope Authorities will design it in such a way it usable with ease. What I have seen in big deployement, it is not accessible easily, placed in wrong places, very confusing for passengers and normally people will not use it eventhough they need to. Two good implementations I have seen it are Singapore and New Delhi. All the outlets are placed on the way to terminals, so passengers dont have to take a seperate route to access all this. Comfortably placed and easy to access counter and multi tasking staff on counters... it is a big difference and a perfect design.. No matter what they display there.. how it is delivered is important these days..

Tom 8 years ago

Bigger is definitely not better. The new concourses need to be easier to walk to the gates, not be walking or riding testaments to how large concrete contracts can be. Emirates needs to allow customers to board and deplane in Terminals that are close to baggage claim and immigration, not this ridiculous walk from Terminal 1 gates to Terminal 3. Terminal size means nothing but bragging rights and no one cares. The issue is convenience and efficiency for both operators and customers. If the planners were smart, they'd plan for customers rather than egos. That said, they can indeed have a world class airport that is number 1 in customer's, users, flights (intl) but not in floor tiling, moving sidewalks, white walls and disgruntled passengers disembarking via buses all the way from the other side of the terminal near near terminal 2. I would like to ask if EK President Tim Clark or Airport Execs ever have to ride the bus from Terminal 2 tarmacs at 3am.

Jon 8 years ago

Let's hope they incorporate and improve on the mistakes of Terminal 3 Concourse 1 - which has to be one of the most poorly laid out terminals anywhere. Maybe less "top F&B" outlets and more toilets? The general consensus of DXB T3 from the travelling public on Skytrax is that there are not enough toilets at the terminal and the signage is terrible.

MM 8 years ago

Please could someone tell me that now they are not going to go all class and 5 star restaurants. Hope they do realise, there are more economy class seats on A380 hub and normal passengers will be on a look out for cheap restaurants as well. Hope they cater to all income level.

Atleast let it have McDonalds, Subway etc with credit card facilities so common travelers have something to eat.

Or even better, invite the local stars like WildPeeta and JustFalafel.

Red Snappa 8 years ago

Do they mean nouvelle cuisine with sit down silver service, well who does that in an airport anyway, even if you are in top tier class. You get a nosebag on in the FREE 1st and business class lounge, rich people are notoriously penny pinching that way.

If ever there was an environment designed for fast food it's an airport, business travellers love Shawarma's, Falafel etc because it fits with the culture. You might as well keep the ambience of the Middle East even in the airport, not wake up and think you're in Dallas. Belgian and German Bars with a plate of bratwurst and mustard, some thing different. Very few people unless they've got a 20 hour layover will spend big money at top F & B names.

What is this obsession with the ultra-luxury end of the market when it relates to less than 10 per cent of travellers in Dubai airport at any one time. Good middle class fare is all that's required, above all efficient fast moving serving staff.

steve 8 years ago

I don't know why anyone would choose to fly through dubai. I use Bahrain, Oman or Qatar. Mainly because the price for tickets are much better. I just bought a ticket to Asia from Kuwait, half the price through Bahrain vs Dubai.

Tom T 8 years ago

Whilst Tom has brought up the subject of Terminal 2 in Dubai, PLEASE someone tell me who is running that airport? It is horrible. It has the basic infrasturcture of rental car desks, a small food court but there is no return building for rental cars, and there is one, but it is sitting empty, which makes it a nightmare to return a car to and the bathrooms are filthy. It's like you are NOT in Dubai which is an efficient country. Please do something about this terminal. FLYDUBAI is a nice alternative discount carrier, but the pain and tribulation of going through Terminal 2 makes flying on this carrier not worth it.

The Consultant 8 years ago

Absolutely spot-on about the buses. No exaggeration, it took half an hour to get from the plane to the terminal building last time, the last thing you need at 1am after a long-haul flight.

And why on earth do they insist on coating the bus windows so you can't see out properly? At least if you could see out it might help to pass the time on the tedious bus ride.

Lionheart 8 years ago

Great post Tom , Dubai is a great airport but it's just not conveiniant enough for the regular mulitple traveler . It takes me a max 30 mins to exit Doha from landing to car park with hand baggage using the egate system and that's including the bus journey . Dubai is head and shoulders above with their facilities but the T3 is such a cavernous structure it actually defeats it's own objective , that walk from T3 to T1 for a connecting flight plus a Bus journey is approx 1 hour . Dubai needs another runway not Foie gras and Petrus