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Mon 20 May 2013 09:17 AM

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Dubai hotel exterior to be covered in 27,000 plants

The Green Wall will cover six floors of the new Novotel hotel building in Al Barsha

Dubai hotel exterior to be covered in 27,000 plants

The Novotel hotel in Dubai’s Al Barsha is currently being covered in around 27,000 plants as part of a six storey ‘Green Wall’ being installed in the lower part of the building’s exterior.

The Green Wall cover an area of 1,200 sq m and will contain around 27,000 plant, a spokesperson confirmed.

The wall is designed to be a low maintenance garden and the hotel’s operator has installed an automatic irrigation system with fertiliser injection pumps to give all the required chemicals and fertilisers to the plants.

The unique covering will be “a nice contrast to the run of the mill, ugly aluminium cladding and finishing... It will add beauty to the long Sheikh Zayed Road and hopefully become a widely recognised hotel thanks to its beautiful green exterior,” the hotel’s owners said.

The four-star hotel, which will contain 357 rooms, 19 suites and 89 furnished apartments, is due to open this summer.

Earlier this year, a French architect also aimed to try a similar green-themed project by pitching the Middle East’s first skyscraper covered in trees and pot plants.

Dubbed the ‘Flower Tower’, the concept would create the impression that residents are surrounded by forest – bringing greenery to apartments tens of metres from the ground.

French architect Edouard Francois has already constructed a nine-storey residential building using the design in Paris and was in Dubai in March to try and gain backing for his proposal.

Greenery is a growing concept in property development in the UAE in a bid to add colour to the country’s desert landscape.

Cities such as Dubai already have created multiple man-made water ways and planted millions of imported trees.

Dubai is aiming to cover one-quarter of the emirate – 38,000 hectares - in green space by 2025. In 2010, the government said it wanted to increase the amount of green space per person from 13 sq m to 25 sq m.

GCC countries also are considering legislation that would require developers to include a minimum 25 percent of green space and outdoor landscaping in all residential and commercial projects.

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Walter Cramerstetter 6 years ago

Dubai's long term True 'GREEN' initiative positive for climate change for its territory and the GCC region, rains could become more frequent, desertification reversed.
Dubai's planned renewable energy production could make this a sustainable reality. Heat island reversal...
Numerous benefits such as dust, temperature cooling effect, human health & comfort are priceless without saying appealing natural landscaped views.
The return of the beauty of Babylon's Gardens...

Anonymous 6 years ago

Let's keep track of how many accidents are on SZR in front of this thing as idiots take a look instead of keeping their eyes on the road. It's all cute and unique unless my prediction becomes true and people get hurt.