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Thu 28 Jan 2010 05:42 PM

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Dubai hotel rape case dismissed

Attorney General says case closed after investigation completed into The Address attack claims.

Dubai's public prosecution on Thursday said a case of a British woman who claimed she was raped in the bathroom of a top hotel in the emirate on New Year's Eve had been closed.

The woman alleged that she was sexually attacked by an Indian hotel worker at The Address Hotel in Dubai Marina.

Attorney General Essam Al Humaidan said the investigation into the allegations had been completed and prosecutors had decided to close the charge against the Indian worker "as the incident didn't happen", news agency WAM reported.

He said the public prosecution had also decided to dismiss the count of consensual rape against the British girl and her friend after the duo showed the court a marriage certificate dated November 16 2009.

He said that they would only stand trial for consuming alcohol without a permission.

The Dubai Attorney General attacked the way the case had been reported in some sections of the international press.

"All these untrue reports have not, in any way, affected resolutions the Dubai Public Prosecution has taken in the case as these measures have been taken after thorough investigation in virtue of the criminal procedures law which is being enforced on all without discrimination in regards to nationality, religion or race," he added.

The British woman had claimed that she was attacked by a waiter while semi-conscious in a hotel toilet.

However, the police said closed-circuit television footage has confirmed that the suspect did not enter the bathroom after her.

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Hamid 10 years ago

So thats it???? am I missing something? this women wrongly accused an honest hard working man, lied and filed a false police report, and all she is going to get is drinking without permission? She almost sent an innocent jail for long time, and if it was not because of the close captioned camera this poor man would most likely be convicted of a very serious crime. And now she goes to her happy life accusing her next victim. She must be charged for false police report and a felony false accusation. In my opinion she must serve some jail time, so she may learn not to play with peoples life.

Suhail Anjum M. Ghauri 10 years ago

British girl should be charged with falsely accusing the Indian waiter and sued for compensation.

Nick 10 years ago

If evidence shows false accusations I believe that's as grave as the would have been act. Just imagine if the poor chap was convicted of rape he would have spent the next maybe 20 years in jail for something he didn't commit. Therefore one of the two should pay depending on who's done the wrong thing.

Jahangir Lutfullah 10 years ago


mohanan 10 years ago

Thanks to Dubai Prosecution who did an unbiased investigation and let the poor waiter waived off his crime. But what about the punishment due for the girl for her crime of sending this poor waiter into jail with a false accusation? How come there is no such a law here to prevent such crimes in future aginst poor workers from rich but ill minded people visiting Dubai? It is high time the authorities should do something to compensate the victims by charging the claimants for their false accusations whether under the influence of alcohol or normal mindset.

Punky Brewster 10 years ago

Thank GOD we don't live in Saudi Arabia or Iran, where the itchy fingers of the Firing Squad would have dealt with the crime in no time!! It doesn't seem fair for HER to lie to the police, implicate a hard-working man for a crime he didn't commit. Can we have imagined it the other way around? Had it been some Indian woman blaming a British man for the same crime, only to be recanting her stmt 'cos of the CCTV videos, I doubt the outcome would've been the same. I seriously think the crime committed her is by the British Lady, and she should be going to Jail for it, AND compensating the poor Hotel Worker.

Mounir 10 years ago

This girl must've thought she's back in the western world, where a girl can claim rape and no one would dare to doubt what she says or investigate its authenticity. Thanks to Dubai Police for being more professional and mature than most north american police agencies and actually investigating whether a rape actually happened or not, instead of just believing the woman as if women can do no wrong. As for all those who are saying that the police should charge the woman for false accusations; im pretty sure the police can only charge her for wasting their time: only the indian fellow can request her to be charged for false accusation.

Adam 10 years ago

I've no idea whether the girl was raped or not. Common sense says that to falsely claim rape is an incredibly stupid thing to do (and in Dubai especially so). If the claim was false then the lady deserves to be punished for a terrible accusation. However, I've no idea because very little evidence for or against seems to be in the public domain and certainly many questions have been raised as to whether the procedures in handling a potential rape victim were followed or not. There are so many seemingly contradictory facts. The papers (here as well as abroad) reported the waiter as being Syrian/Lebanese (can't remember which) but it turns out he's definitely not an Arab, but apparently Indian. Surely this was known a long time ago ? The papers (here and abroad) reported that the couple were unmarried and that they had just got engaged (hence the celebration). And yet some weeks after it turns out that they actually married in November. Whatever did or did not happen, there's something incredibly fishy going on. I'm also confused as to why she can be taken to court for having consumed alcohol when she hadn't actually left the hotel which is a licensed premises. Sure, if she went outside and was intoxicated that is definitely against UAE law, but inside the hotel ? My bet is that when the couple return home we'll find out that a deal of some sort has been done.

Dod 10 years ago

Not only did the first news reports say the waiter was Syrian, not indian, they said that the waiter admitted to sex but it was consensual. But now we are told that there was no sex?!?! The reports said the British couple were charged with sex before marriage, but now we hear that they were married after all. How could the first reports have been so different from the new reports?

Dan 10 years ago

I remember when the Mullahs grabbed the power in Iran and civilized behaviour fled away and mass executions started. Sometimes the Mullahs were asked “what if he/she is innocent?” The answer was “We will carry out the execution but if it shows that the person was innocent he/she will go to haven” There is a hopeful outlook the civilized behavior will come back to our beloved country very soon.