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Wed 29 Feb 2012 12:08 PM

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Dubai HR manager accused of fake employee scam

Brit allegedly embezzled US$327k via company office that did not exist

Dubai HR manager accused of fake employee scam
The defendant is alleged to have created a fictitious employee (image for illustrative purposes only) (Getty Images)

A British HR manager in a Dubai company is accused of fraudulently claiming a salary of nearly AED300,000 for a fake overseas employee he created, a court heard on Tuesday.

The defendant is alleged to have created a fictitious employee, named Frank, which he claimed was based in the company’s Moscow office. Prosecution told the Dubai Court of First Instance the HR manager pocketed the fake employee’s salary for more than a year, embezzling around AED298,388 ($81,236) from his employer.

The court also heard the British HR manager, who is accused of using fake university documents to apply for his position, is accused of claiming to have helped hire up to 12 employees and charging the company commission of up to AED1.2m (US$326,700).

The scheme was only brought to light when a Moroccan manager at the company looked to get in contact with the non-existent Moscow-based employee.

“We tried to track him down as he was supposed to be working for the company in Moscow. We couldn’t find him and finally discovered that he didn’t exist, so we then called Dubai Police,” the manager is quoted as telling the court by 7DAYS newspaper.

“We discovered the defendant had owned a recruitment company in the UK. He claimed they provided us with 12 employees. We had paid him commission of AED2.1 million… But the 12 employees applied to us directly without an agent,” he added.

The 45 year-old British HR manager is also reported to have debts in Singapore of $100,000 and is wanted in the UK on allegations of fraud.

The case was adjourned until March.

Red Snappa 7 years ago

I thought there was another UK HR manager who worked for a government company Limitless who was accused of syphoning off 96 million pounds in workers salaries, he was supposedly being extradited from Thailand to Dubai in 2010, according to AB and UK's Daily Telegraph.

Whatever happened to him?

Wanderer 7 years ago

I had read in another report that this "British HR Manager" has a high school certificate and faked a Degree in Physics and an MBA and he was hired as a HR MANAGER!
Says a lot about the people who interviewed him for this big position in a big company.
While we are on the case, the credentials and education of those high ranking officials should also be investigated.
These so called executives who can't make out if a person has a high school certificate or a degree in Physics and an MBA..HA! over the course of the interview, are responsible for taking important decisions in big companies, decisions which effects people who have invested their hard earned money in these companies.
And we wonder why did this company go bankrupt!

Nizar S. Darwish 7 years ago

The onus exclusively lies with managers who interviewed and hired him. He is a fraudulent crook and they are not competent! Over 30 years I was responsible for interviewing and hiring many candidates and never took documents: CV's, or certificates as the crieria for making a decision. Not more than 10 minutes are necessary to find out if a candidate is genuine and knowledgeable or not! His boss should have taked to him about some physics and MBA syllabus if this boss is qualified.

SAM 7 years ago

He has what it takes to become a senior executive of a real estate development company.

Wai Yu Kom Nau 7 years ago

Agree with Nizar. Same here, never hired people based on their documents. Why the victim company name is not known? are they ashamed? I didn't read in the article that it is a developer company but met with many such people in many Dubai companies.

Suhayl Omar 7 years ago

Do you think he is the only crook who fools the fools?This case reminds me with another one where a Saudi businessman happened to be enjoying his time in one of London pubs,where he employed one of his co-drinkers as a GM for one of his companies in Saudia....We have a say in Arabic which describes such cases: Easy comes easy goes....