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Sun 29 Mar 2015 01:33 PM

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Dubai Int'l T1 is too congested, says Indian airline boss

Melwin D’Silva, Air India’s regional manager for the Gulf, says airport officials should bring in 'better crowd management'

Dubai Int'l T1 is too congested, says Indian airline boss
(Photo credit: Joisey Showaa/flickr)

The regional boss of Air India has said Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 1 is becoming too congested, which he said will begin to favour Emirates which has the entire Terminal 3 operation to itself.

Melwin D’Silva, Air India’s regional manager for the Gulf, Middle East and Africa, said congestion has become an issue at Terminal 1 and airport officials should introduce “better crowd management” in order to get passengers through as quickly as possible.

“With Dubai growing at the rate it is, they need to have more counters and staff to regulate the flow of passengers,” D’Silva told 7Days newspaper.

He said the congestion is so bad that he believes travellers “may start picking Emirates over Air India because passengers have begun caring more and more about their [airport] experience.”

He said the airline had no congestion issues with Terminal 2, where it operates the Air India Express flights.

“We have already seen a rise in preference for our Air India Express flights, which land at Terminal 2 and they are able to get out [of the terminal] much faster. So the overall experience does matter,” D’Silva told the newspaper.

“Once people land, they would love to get out of the airport as fast as possible. Here [in Terminal 1 compared to Terminal 3], there’s more walking, longer wait to clear immigration and access baggage… it all adds up as part of the passenger experience,” he added.

In response, a spokesperson for Dubai Airports told 7Days that the construction, which has been causing the delays, will improve the congestion issues at Terminal 1.

“We thank our customers for their patience and assure them that the situation is temporary; it will soon pave the way for a much more enhanced experience at DXB,” the spokesperson said.

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Mosa - Indian National 5 years ago

I am shocked Air India Boss is under the impression that people will move to Emirates over Air India due to congestion. I think He must know that all the passengers around the world, in any airport, want to move to any other airline except Air India.

Your airline has a lot of faults Sir, from cabin hygiene to crews attitude to flight delays to extremely horrible food to dirty interior to noisy planes to irresponsive call centers to smelly carpets/seats to pilots falling asleep , you need to rectify those before pin pointing the world's busiest airport and the world's best destination, and not even think about comparing Emirates with Air India.

Michael 5 years ago

i am also obliged to travel through Dubai Airport (DXB) in the past and hopefully not in the future. Definitly Mr. Mevlin is absolutly right. The conditions at this airport are "third world" conditions with you can find also in middle of nowhere.
overcrowded anytime and how come that such "a first class airport" (only own impression of Emirates) uses carpet at the terminal. this is more than worse and definitly not hygienic.
Btw my last visit was 2 weeks ago flight by LH back to Europe. Here you find the real authentic life and organisation. Hope you get the chance to have a look and to compare. Most welcome !
DXB is cheap, right, also cheap in service... not a first class world just in some dreams...

Nezaud 5 years ago

what you are saying the only reason passengers are moving from your Airline to First Class Airline such as Emirate in DXB because T1 is too crowded? Good Luck with that theory!!!

Nitin 5 years ago

Mosa- stick to the facts please . The man has a valid point and never compared Air India to Emirates for their on board service.

All he said was that the airport is crowded which it is. Dubai airport albeit the busiest, is nowhere as big in size by area as Hartsfield in Atlanta or Schipol in Amsterdam, and does feel claustrophobic when busy ,It is an airport that really should have been relocated 20 years ago to where Maktoum airport is.

Sam 5 years ago

LOL!!! Mosa you could not have said it any better. Nice try Mr. D' Silva...

Hanif 5 years ago

Right said .... Mr Mosa !!

Mitesh Somaiya 5 years ago

Dear Mr. Mosa,
The point which Mr. D'silva has raised, is about "the delays at the airport due to congestion" & NOT about the quality of the service, staff, food, cleanliness etc. as you stated.

Pls TRY to understand what Mr. D'silva is trying to point out, which I think he is right. Atleast the authorities at the airport (T1)will do something to speed-up the delays.


abusidra 5 years ago

The best advantage for T1 is it is in the center of the city. AI go for relocation and then notice only one way flights from India to Maqtoum Aiport will have some unknowing passengers, rest won't go to Jebel Ali to catch flight to India on AI.

Rena 5 years ago

Mr. Mosa, I agree 100% with Nitin, READ the article before commenting. Mr. Melvin NEVER compared AI with EK, just made a comment on the delays at T-1. If you have not experienced it, you are lucky. It is really disgusting to wait at the T-1 for hours after landing. EK have their own terminal, so this problem may not occur. Before boasting about biggest, in terms of numbers etc etc, do something to reduce waiting times at T-1.
I fully endorse Mr. Michael's letter. He nailed it.

Ann 5 years ago

Thanks Mr. Mosa for comparing oranges to apples! De Silva was not comparing the services of AI to EK he was lamenting the conditions at the airport. He is absolutely right this time - it is crowded and that too...... really crowded. Services at the airport is really going bad these days - and it is not only terminal 1. Even terminal 3 which is "supposedly" well serviced is at times pathetic. When I came in Feb by EK, I had to wait for 1.23 mins before I got my luggage!! That too the flight landed on a Monday around 5.30 pm which by no stretch of the imagination is peak time! It would be great if criticism is taken in the right way and answered by rectifying the wrongs and proving them wrong - this way will help no one. One really needs to travel by EK to some of their sectors to see the current state of service - it is going downhill and is very disappointing.