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Mon 11 Aug 2014 02:06 PM

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Dubai Marina residents reveal plan to reverse Emaar dog ban

New proposals include fines for irresponsible dog owners and setting up of committee in bid to end dispute

Dubai Marina residents reveal plan to reverse Emaar dog ban
(AFP/Getty Images)

Dubai Marina residents who are fighting to overturn Emaar's ban on dogs using the promenade area of the residential area have come up with plans to end the dispute.

More than 90 residents have devised a proposal that includes issuing fines to irresponsible dog owners and the setting up of a Dubai Marina Pets Committee in a bid to allow dogs to co-exist.

Last month, the residents delivered a petition of more than 1,300 signatures to Emaar's headquarters calling on the master developer to reverse its ban on dogs using the promenade area of the marina development.

On July 13 Emaar erected signs forbidding dogs from accessing the Dubai Marina Promenade, which has prompted a backlash from dog owners living in the area.

Emaar previously said that the decision to ban dogs from the area was taken for hygienic reasons.

The new proposal, which has been sent to Emaar management, also calls for a meeting between the two side to agree a road map.

It recommends that fines of up to AED1,500 for solid waste and AED750 for not rinsing liquid waste or letting dogs off leashes in a bid to crack down on irresponsible dog owners.

It also proposes developing a census for dogs, with special collars being issued for dogs to allow them access to the promenade.

Residents are also planning to raise funds via a monthly tax per dog to fund initiatives such as “sweeper washer cleaners”, dog bags dispensers and bins.

Campaigners are also keen to develop small “green islands” between main developments (eg Promenade & Al Sahab) which can be used by dogs to relieve themselves and “dog lanes” and a “dog park”.

A spokesperson said: "In order to find the right balance between a pristine public space and a vibrant community where dogs are key, we suggest an approach based on accountability, education, quality and governance.

"In summary, we propose a solution that meets everyone needs: Dogs can maintain their basic rights of having access to public space, dog owners can enjoy time with their pets the public space, investors keep intact their property value, and ECM maintains their public space without raising their operating costs."

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Emma 6 years ago

This is ridiculous. What are the 90 or 1200 people vs the total population in the area. We need to keep the public areas clean and pets should be prohibited. I do not like Emaar but i support them 100% and they should stick to this. If you love your pets then you should live in a villa built by Emaar. A dog has nothing to do in a flat. I hope the message is clear.

Abdullah A. 6 years ago

Emma, many people have bough apartments in Marina because dogs were allowed, a ban can not be enforced overnight, or is Emaar going to buy back the apartments from us and provide relocation cost? In addition notice that dogs are an integral part of communities, they are seen in major capitals all over the world, on premium real state public space (i.e. Champs Elysees in Paris), and Dubai Marina should not be the exception.

Mosa 6 years ago

In my honest opinion, pets are only to be allowed in shelters OR private villas like Emma said. Having pets in a public place, or in a residential building, and having to hear them bark/meowing/chirping at odd hours is just plain disturbance and discomfort! You can rent out a villa in the same rent that you pay in Marina, so if you really want PETS - change your location. Emaar is taking an excellent stand on this.

Nick Ord 6 years ago

Exactly Abdullah, the problem Emma does not lie in the ban, but in the way it has been imposed without notice or consultation. The dogs are here in their hundreds and cannot simply disappear overnight. We will be leaving the area at the earliest opportunity now that it has been made clear that we as dog owners are not welcome (it is unpleasant to be made to feel like an ostracised second-class citizen - the message is indeed clear). However we are tied into our apartment until next year at the earliest so in the meantime have no option but to fight the ban or ignore it and suffer the consequences. It is an upsetting and bitterly disappointing end to the life we have built in the Marina. Why are our rights less important than the 'total population'? Is the majority more important than minorities? Should the few sacrifice their way of life to appease the many? I hope you will agree that is a dangerous road to travel

Emma 6 years ago

I understand your arguments, but I still believe that a pet has nothing to do in a flat. They should be kept in a villa with a garden, Then the owner will have a total pleasure to keep the garden cleaned.
I have walked through various capitals in Europe and they are dirty despite all the efforts and the huge budgets dedicated by the local authorities.
So pets have to stay way from that clean area. New people would be coming to live in the area if the pets are not allowed.

In short, I cannot accept that a minority imposes their wishes to a majority. Sorry it will not happen.

Ana 6 years ago

I live in a villa by Emaar and still face the same problem by some dirty irresponsible residents. Dogs are not the problem - it is the owners who have no civic sense and duty. Dogs are let off and dog waste is not picked up by many. Many residents allow their children ( as young as 5 - 6 ) to walk their dogs and they do not clean up. Others send their domestic help who are busy gossiping with their friends or chatting up on the mobile and do not clean up. The problem here is Emaar's inefficiency to police the areas - not the dogs. I have personally complained several times to Emaar customer care but the problem continues because they are not competent to monitor the defaulters. They have failed to fine the defaulters who continue doing the same thing. Emaar's community maintenance team should own up to their inefficiency instead of penalizing the diligent dog owners. Grow up Emaar.

Steve 6 years ago

Keeping a dog in an apartment is just plain wrong.

Zahid 6 years ago

I live in a Villa in Jumeriah Village Circle and we have many people living around with dogs. The area is really becoming dirty and unhygienic and the dog-owners don't clean the mess created by the dogs when they take them for a walk. There should be some strict rules put in place to control the spread of such mess. I agree with the stand that Emaar has taken and fully support it.

nicholas_ord@yahoo.co.uk 6 years ago

Firstly, this is the same argument used by right-wing racists in the UK who complain about the Mosque call to prayer disturbing their sleep in the morning and say that the Muslim minority should not be allowed to impact the British 'majority'. Religious expression / right to own pets - it is the same issue at stake: tolerance, freedom and the right to co-exist in harmony

Secondly, we live in a sizeable apartment and our pets are well serviced and happy. It is not for others to judge the suitability of ours or any other pet owners home

Thirdly, as stated, we have no problem with the ban. JBR is famously a 'no dog zone' and as such we never considered living there, but 6 weeks ago the Marina had 'dog-poop bins' all long the walk, then suddenly an overnight reversal and ban. We will leave, very possibly for a villa with garden, but in the meantime we are here

Finally, parents are in the minority in Dubai and children can sometimes be a dirty and noisy nuisance, should we ban them?

Peter 6 years ago

Dear Emma, its absolutly doesn't matter if the dog lives in a flat or villa! The home place is not for the dog to run around and ge rid of his energy! The dog has to be walked properly, so that the dog is exhausted. At home, he will lay down and sleep the rest of the day. And for this, there is no villa needed!!!

Regarding the rest, yes people should clean after their dog!!! This is a question of education, character and respect towards the other users of the premises!!!