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Tue 4 Mar 2014 12:40 PM

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Dubai nightclub bans patrons wearing fur

Mahiki Dubai is following similar crackdown introduced in its London base

Dubai nightclub bans patrons wearing fur
(Getty Images - Photo for illustrative purpose only)

Dubai nightclub Mahiki has followed in the footsteps
of its London counterpart by banning patrons who wear fur.

Mahiki Brand Director Matt Jolley confirmed
the move, saying “wearing fur involves intolerable cruelty to animals”.

“We at Mahiki Dubai fully support our sister club
Mahiki London’s stance on the banning of fur,” he said in a statement to
Arabian Business.

“Mahiki is about celebrating good times and having fun
and it’s wonderful that by taking this stance we are in a position to help
people to understand, teaching them and creating awareness around the issue.”

Jolley did not immediately respond to questions about
how the club intended to enforce the ban, or whether it had yet to turn away
any customers under its policy.

However, local newspaper 7DAYS reported that door
staff at Mahiki Dubai would be trained to spot any fur items.

Mahiki London, which is often frequented by
celebrities and British royalty, refuses entry to customers who arrive wearing

The move was welcomed by animal rights group the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

"Progress for animals continues to grow in the UAE, with the Fortnum & Mason store having already pledged not to sell foie gras locally. Wearing fur is already seen as socially unacceptable in Dubai, so it makes sense that the nightclub would shun fur. Today’s consumers are thinking about compassion for animals more than ever," PETA spokeswoman Ashley Fruno told Arabian Business.

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manish 5 years ago

This is cheap publicity. If Mahiki are so caring for animal rights, why do they not promote a vegan menu? Or ensure that their chicken is "free-range", or the salmon is wild and not farmed.

ZED 5 years ago

Why is anyone wearing fur in balmy Dubai in the first place?!

Ivan Bryant 5 years ago

Animal rights are worthy of attention but let us first worry about the deviant human tendency to self destruct. Whether you admit it and agree or not, the common denominator of nightclubs is carnal lust and its gratification while self-respect, dignity, chastity and self-discipline are mocked as old-fashioned prejudices. The vices of the past are now its virtues and the only vice that remains is decency. Nightclubs consist of little more than excuses for sexual titillation involving lascivious dances that are to degenerate later into ... will leave the rest to your fertile imaginations.

Mohamed 5 years ago

I think you mixing your personal or religious preferences to a good move by a great club

Billy 5 years ago

Mahiki ? what Mahiki ?

Jose DeSousa 5 years ago

Erm…has anyone looked at Mahiki’s reviews online? If they’re to be believed, fur-wearing patrons aren’t the only ones to be denied entry. This is all a cheap publicity stunt so please spare us…

Paul Lambert 5 years ago

Will they ban people wearing greyhound skirts too? They greyhound is always an inch from the hair.

Peter 5 years ago

Great move coz all patrons here do love wearing their fur as they move around Dubai, especially in our chilled equatorial weather

Asma 5 years ago

Obviously a marketing move, else they would ban other products based on animal suffering, such as leather and from their kitchens all meat products.

Mark Williams 5 years ago

''Deviant human tendency to self-destruct'' what on earth are you talking about, some people like to just go and listen to good music and unwind, you make everyone sound like snarling perverts. I expect to see you outside one of these clubs with one of those 'repent the world is nigh' banners.