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Sun 20 Jun 2010 06:51 AM

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Dubai police targets zero road deaths by 2020

Police chief says measures implemented to wipe out fatalities on emirate's roads.

Dubai police targets zero road deaths by 2020

Dubai’s police chief has dismissed suggestions that fines issued for traffic violations are a moneymaking device, and outlined an ambitious scheme to reduce road accident fatalities in the emirate to zero by 2020.

“In 2008 we managed to decrease the number of accidents, saving 69 lives,” Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim told Arabian Business in an interview.

“The following year we managed to save another 38 lives, because of speed cameras that are enforcing reduced speeds. We attribute saving those lives to speed cameras and fines.

“If saving lives is interpreted as a profit-making scheme then that is a strange opinion; in my opinion the value of human life is priceless and you can not put a value on it,” he continued.

“The money we get from fines constitutes less than 10% of our expenditure; we are a non-profit-oriented government service department.”

Khalfan added that the police had already begun to implement measures designed to reduce to zero the number of fatalities on Dubai’s roads by the year 2020.

“We are starting to implement this strategy now, and theoretically we can achieve it, if we can reduce the number of fatalities by 25 every year,” he explained. “In 2009 we had 225 fatalities. If we manage to save 25 more lives every year we can reduce that number to zero by 2020.

“We will have awareness campaigns for people and others customised for schools, focusing on the roads to reduce speeding,” he added.

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Jebel Ali Baba 9 years ago

Are they also targeting ZERO stupidity and recklessness? Do they want to ban driving?

ram 9 years ago

The issue of fines will never solve the problem on traffic. Basic infrastrcture to be developed always with a long term view. Take the case of Dubai marina exit route when u come from jebel Ali. There is only two lines to enter in to Marina and this is always jam. The reason is that onward exit to Marina is a single line with traffic signal.Imagine there are more than 1000 apartments and all need to use this single line to getin and get out. This is called poor infrastrcture development. The Government should realise the seriousness of the issue if a fire break out in Marina area and resulting chaos when all try to escape with this single line.!!!!!

OK YA HENRY 9 years ago

"Dubai police targets zero road deaths by 2020" A noble statement but there is NO WAY possible this will ever happen, not a chance. However, there are things you can do to minimize the carnage.....every little helps.

abdul mateen 9 years ago

Its high time the govt should come up with extremely concrete measures to contain traffic accidents and take harsh steps to penaize violators. primarily its essential to improve road infrastructure, plus implement harsh fines, ( such as cancellation of licences of violators), this alone would help in containing reckless and arrogant drivers, who not only end their lives but endangers lives of others on road.

Sam 9 years ago

85% of the accidents here are caused by recklessness and I am fed up with the attitudes of drivers here. It is very stressful driving even 20 km without peace of mind. This foundation is planning to target the attitudes of the drivers and change them via media

Henry IV 9 years ago

Dear Sam, If you find driving in the UAE stressful, feel free to move out. We did!

Johnathan 9 years ago

@ Henry There people who stay and make change happen and others run ... the world is made by the former so let me support to help change and save lives, you can enjoy ur vacation

AJ 9 years ago

Enjoy your philosophical dreamworld.

MM 9 years ago

Let's all stop winning and pin pointing and acting like traffic experts with percentage numbers. What we all need to do is, stop looking at others and behave ourselves on the road. As Gandhi said, if you want a change, you have to be the change. That's all it takes to make this roads better. Lets do our part and drive carefully.

Lady Muck 9 years ago

This is one doomed target