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Mon 15 Mar 2010 02:49 PM

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Dubai population soars 7.6% in 2009 - gov't

Three times as many men as women living in emirate; 2,501 new buildings finished.

Dubai population soars 7.6% in 2009 - gov't
RISING: According to the latest government figures, Dubais population soared 7.6 percent in 2009.

Dubai’s population rose 7.6 percent in 2009 to more than 1.77 million, according to
figures released

on Monday by the emirate’s government.

The Dubai Statistics Center said that the emirate’s population increased 1.8 percent in the fourth quarter from the previous three months.

The latest figures show that there are more than three times as many men living in the emirate as women. There were 3,619 marriages in Dubai in 2009, and 720 divorces.

The statistics also revealed that 2,501 new buildings were completed in Dubai over the course of the year, with a total value of almost $6.8bn.

The Center also
unveiled statistics on Housing, Transportation, Hotels & Tourism, Finance & Business, Exhibitions & Conferences, Education, Telecoms, Health and the Environment



for the full list of statistics on Dubai.

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Kaptain 10 years ago

7.6% is healthy rather fast paced increase in the population. Where to look for the detailed reports, no clues given. Google's the best answer. And what about the Job increases..?? Any percentages..?? And what was the comparative between increase and decrease of population post recession..? What was the percentage of road accidents to newer roads being completed and deployed.?? What road was the safest and which one dangerous..? How many graduates in the industry got promoted and which industry is resource hungry..?? Any further inputs..??

sonnydubai 10 years ago

so where has the traffic disappeared to in the last 15 months? Where have the labourers gone?

nigel 10 years ago

The west is the best at "putting on a positive face" so for you guys to start attacking Dubai again is a bit rich. Unemployment in US is "only" 9% when in fact closer to 17% on same basis as 1930's. And don't get me start with US bond sales, what a load of tosh. Oh and anyone heard of greece?

Joe P 10 years ago

@ Nigel What are you talking about? All the people who have commented on this article live in Dubai!! Why so defensive bro? Things not going well?

kauv 10 years ago

It could be mainly due to people moving from Sharjah to Dubai cause of low rents

Brit happy to be here 10 years ago

How many of those were babies born in Dubai?

Sandpiper 10 years ago

According to the statistics, provided by Dubai Municipality, the amount of waste collected during the year fell each quarter Q1 6,190,000 tons Q2 5,423,000 tons down 12.5% Q3 4,910,000 tons down 20.7% Q4 4,875,000 tons down 21.3% Go figure

AlexT 10 years ago

@Nigel Let's start with the basics, I do not think anyone here is "attacking" Dubai as you put it, but most of us have to live with the realities of Dubai and we like to be in a position to make educated decisions based on factual information. Also as a Grecophile, please with all due respect to the UAE you cannot compare a 5.000 years history to a 40years old one, it is extremely unfair to the UAE. Also be kind enough to use a capital G when spelling Greece.

bertie bentley 10 years ago

This no doubt explains why every 4th villa in Jumeirah is up for rent at the moment?

Oli69 10 years ago

I agree with a previous comment about the importance of finding meaningful statistics. These might be the Waste collection stats: Quantity of Collected Waste (000 ton) Q1 2007: 6,890 Q1 2008: 6,439 Q1 2009: 6,198 Although even better statistics could be Electricity and Water consumption, which I'm very surprised not to find in the report. I wonder why they don't ask DEWA to share their info.. As far as the population stats are concerned, from my understanding (plz correct me if I'm wrong) these are based on the last census conducted in 2005. By the way, there's nothing wrong with estimating statistical figures on previous census (all countries do this) but in Dubai, where population is so volatile, it might not be the most reliable means of information.