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Tue 24 May 2011 09:25 AM

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Dubai Properties pledges to ‘spend millions’ on JBR

State-backed developer to invest in beach club, communal areas after resident complaints

Dubai Properties pledges to ‘spend millions’ on JBR
JBR, which spans 36 towers and can accommodate 15,000 people, became a popular expat destination on completion in 2007

Dubai Properties Group plans to spend “millions of dirhams” in upgrading facilities at the $1.6bn Jumeirah Beach Residence after widespread complaints from tenants of poor maintenance.

Residents in the upscale development said lax security, badly maintained communal areas and dirty swimming pools were contributing to a declining standard of living in the 36-tower project.

Analysts said the poor upkeep of facilities in the emirate’s largest residential development could drag down house prices, making apartments difficult to rent out or sell.

“We are serious about improvement in all of our projects,” Khalid Al Malik, Group CEO of Dubai Properties Group told ABTV at the 4th Arabian Business Forum. [Watch the interview here]

“The beach club is now going to be completely refurbished and open hopefully by the end of the year. We’re also improving the beach area very soon, in addition to the podium.”

The improvement will cost the developer in excess of millions of dirhams, he said.

“The size of the JBR is massive but we are talking about millions of dirhams. The JBR beach club by itself is going to cost a lot of money, [and] in addition to the beach area, the podium [area] and the services associated or are going to be added to the areas…in the residential areas.”

Rows between tenants and developers over maintenance have soared in the wake of Dubai’s real estate crash. In locations such as JBR, Discovery Gardens and Nakheel’s Shoreline apartments, scores of owners have withheld service fees in protest at the poor upkeep of facilities.

Residents in the JBR area told Arabian Business that security “was a joke” and lack of maintenance had left communal areas “crumbling apart with broken steps and paving slabs and fountains that never work”.

Anonymous 8 years ago

Is it millions or billions? Both were quoted in the article. I doubt billions with a 'b'. If JBR would spent the bulk of the service charge money for ongoing maintenance as they are supposed to this problem would have never happened. Dubai Properties created this problem and now it sounds like they want credit for doing what should have been done from day #1???

confused 8 years ago

What do they mean DP will be spending millions?

I thought this was part of the purchase price. That means it is the owners who are paying?

Aadil 8 years ago

So we should give them praise for intending to do what was promised? Deliver what was promised to the buyers of JBR. Maintenance fees are paid to maintain - Use it don't divert it.

Red Snappa 8 years ago

It certainly will take millions to rectify having experienced the premises.

Also it appears according to departing residents there are some security issues, which if true, will probably cost as much as rectifying material deficiencies. I guess we should remember that two high profile murders took place at JBR not so long ago.

However one word of warning, do not be surprised should the service charges increase considerably, given a now very public commitment by Dubai Properties to spend multi-millions to restore the value of the asset.

Caroline 8 years ago

I live in JBR Bahr Building. Got one question, Where is 'The Beach club? Never heard of it..?

Paolo C 8 years ago

I'm afraid Mr. Khalid Al Malik has never seen the project of JBR as it was promoted many years back. In fact there should be 4 beach clubs, therefore I don't understand what do they want to refurbish. Another false promise once again.

JBR resident 8 years ago

It's currently the beach-front car park in front of Rimal/Amwaj.

Social 8 years ago

Just WALK THE TALK please! News like this don't make a difference anymore so no need to blow trumpets - just do what should have been done at the onset.

Chris 8 years ago

The real problem with the building of beach clubs is that on the original plans there was very little "public beach " left. When I asked the price of membership for these clubs, Nakheel quoted me 21000AED for family membership. They are designed to be exclusive and they are designed to take away a beach which is used by thousands of people in the Marina. Although the Marina area is technically two communities, being JBR and the rest of the Marina area for maintenance purposes, the beach belongs to us all!

Telcoguy 8 years ago

I just moved out. I think the place is gone, it would need a lot of will and money to turn it around. Both are lacking.
I would really like to see AB following this 6 months from now, but we all know that will not happen. I was actually surprised to see the criticism published and I still wonder why it was allowed.
I pity the JBR owners, they have become a cash cow for the developer.