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Mon 27 Feb 2017 09:11 AM

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Dubai residents appeal to fix 'roundabout of doom'

Motorists claim circular intersection is potential death trap

Dubai residents appeal to fix 'roundabout of doom'
(Image: Facebook/Al Qudra Roundabout - Motor City/Arabian Ranches)

Residents of upscale Dubai neighbourhood Arabian Ranches have called on the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to resolve safety issues with a roundabout close to the complex.

The Al Qudra roundabout at the interchange between Motor City, Studio City and Arabian Ranches has been branded the “roundabout of doom” and “death roundabout” by people living in the vicinity – many of whom report suffering accidents or nerve-wracking near-misses as they navigate the complex junction.

A discussion post last month in a private Facebook group for women living in Arabian Ranches has sparked almost 100 responses. The post said: “Is anyone else thinking the Motor City roundabout has become incredibly dangerous?

“I have had so many near misses with cars speeding through the roundabout that I am becoming afraid to use this entrance.

“I am finding the volume of traffic coming down Al Qudra road far too heavy for that dinky little roundabout to handle. A few minutes ago, a big truck just about slammed into my passenger side door even though I was indicating I was exiting.

“Does anyone know anyone in the RTA who could have a word with them about how dangerous it has become?”

Another user responded: “[The situation] is getting so much worse as time goes on. This morning I was forced to exit early, before my turn-off, due to a pushy driver coming down too fast on the inside lane and incorrectly exiting.

“We narrowly missed a collision. I’m not easily scared, but I was shaking from this experience. It shouldn’t be like this.”

Another resident said: “This is a genuine worry for the Ranches people. The other day a car in front of me exited the first roundabout … and hit the waiting car at the back.”

One user reported that she had contacted Arabian Ranches developer Emaar Properties asking for action to be taken, but had been informed it was the RTA’s responsibility. The roundabout is located outside the Ranches boundaries.

The roundabout has been a cause of concern for some time. A public Facebook group has been set up called Al Qudra Roundabout-Motor City/Arabian Ranches for local residents to air their concerns. In March 2015, one user shared an update they had allegedly received from Emaar informing them the RTA had commenced some work at the roundabout, but had to halt it temporarily due to parallel works being undertaken close by by DEWA (the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority).

The RTA in 2015 concluded a project to widen Al Qudra Road to smooth the flow of traffic in the area.

The RTA did not respond to Arabian Business’s requests for comment and an update on the situation.

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JRH 2 years ago

As the article mentions work started on a slip road to make entry from the Ranches safer about 2 years ago but halted abruptly about a year ago and hasn't moved since.

As people have moved into the communities along Al Qudra the problem has only gotten more dangerous and needs to be addressed - my wife and daughters have to run this gauntlet every morning.

A simple set of traffic lights would resolve this problem instantly.

Anon 2 years ago

These 2 roundabouts (Arabian Ranches/Motor City & Studio City) are mostly choked and always dangerous, because of Schools, Offices and fast growing Residential Community in that area. They are "Muscle-In/ Muscle-Out" sort of roundabouts.