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Wed 25 Feb 2015 01:50 PM

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Dubai's Damac reveals plan to create tropical rainforest

Developer says it will replicate a 'dense jungle environment' within its Akoya Oxygen master development in Dubai

Dubai's Damac reveals plan to create tropical rainforest

Dubai developer Damac Properties says it will build the first tropical rainforest in the Middle East within its planned master development Akoya Oxygen.

The Dubai Rainforest would replicate a “dense jungle environment” using numerous plant species, Damac said in a statement on Wednesday.

The company, which is dual-listed in Dubai and London, said it would consult Amazonian rainforest experts for the project.

It intended for the rainforest to be an educational and recreational location, with visitors able to climb into the rainforest canopy and learn about the flora and fauna or participate in outdoor activities including flying through the treetops on a zip wire and rock climbing.

The planned spa would offer hydrothermal treatments among rock pools and steam baths.

The Dubai Rainforest also would be available for weddings and other events.

“The Dubai Rainforest will be a tropical wonderland, which tourists, residents and school groups can immerse themselves in and inspire a new generation,” Damac managing director Ziad El Chaar said.

The developer said Dubai Rainforest would be built in time for the World Expo 2020 and it hoped it would become a major tourist attraction.

Akoya Oxygen is designed to be the greenest residential community in Dubai. Spread across 55 million square feet, it includes Damac’s second golf course in conjunction with US businessman Donald Trump, which is being designed by world famous golfer Tiger Woods.

Villas and townhouses in the project’s second phase are presently being sold.

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James 4 years ago article in The national today about how ground water will run out in 15 years and offering 5mill grant to anyone that can make it rain... and developers building rain forests and more golf courses...

sunburntscot 4 years ago

Oh my goodness!!! I think this is finally the worst piece of property excess I have ever heard in my entire 37 years here in Dubai.
Yes lets 'build' a rain forest in the DESERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do they get these ideas from? Is it some dark, warm little whole where the sun never shines?

In this day and age where the UAE is finally beginning to pretend that it gives a damn about the environment would you build one of the most water intensive environments in an environment where water is beyond precious!! Also I can already see the swarms of mosquitoes that will thrive every winter!! Yeah, sign me up for a rain forest villa now! Also can you supply me with as much quinine as I can drink on my veranda for the rest of my life?


Suhai Khan 4 years ago

Bringing rainforest to the desert!!.....this sounds like PR propaganda to boost flagging sales!

Bill Jones 4 years ago

Excellent concept..haters gonna hate..i love Akoya Oxygen...for sure it will be one of the top golf communities in the world

Nida Rizvi 4 years ago

How can these projects be allowed/encouraged to be conceptualised in the first place? Does it mean that the federal initiatives and plans to reduce carbon footprint, protect environment are a farce? On one end, projects like Dubai Sustainability City are being sold on ideas of sustainability and on the other extreme you have projects like Akoya which are a drain on a country's already limited resources!! Dubai has much more substance and talking points to be in the limelight, it does not need such ostentatious ideas born out of minds which are indifferent towards their corporate responsibility to the society and its environment.

who2 4 years ago

did you buy into Akoya Oxygen?
Were you one of the ones offered a discount, repeatedly, to do so?
Or are you just connected to Damac?

This makes no sense at all in the environment we live.
Imagine if there was a desert created on Iceland with temperatures of 45c all the year round.

No don't bother imagining as they are not that crazy to even think of it, let alone conceptualize.

Jonnie Millar 4 years ago

Tropical rainforests are sustained by...wait for it...RAIN...and at a fairly constant rate at that. They form a delicate ecosystem for a multitude of flora and fauna and in no way is a rainforest suitable to be implanted in a desert environment where it very seldom rains.

So without rain, this idiotic publicity stunt will require obscene amounts of water just to keep the transplanted flora alive, yet alone flourishing.

I hope DAMAC sees sense and pulls this idea...unlikely given their track record but one lives in hope.

Doug 4 years ago

It'll probably go the same way as the last golf course in Dubai to be designed by Tiger Woods - remember, the one that never got built?

Farid 4 years ago

I wouldn't even let Damac maintain my back garden let alone a Tropical Forest.

Paul King 4 years ago

When sales slow on this latest delusional project expect a Lamborghini to be offered with your "rain forest!"