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Wed 11 Apr 2012 06:23 PM

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Dubai's du claims 90% customer satisfaction

Telco releases first customer service report as it aims to be more transparent

Dubai's du claims 90% customer satisfaction

Telco du on Wednesday said that 90 percent of customer requests were handled satisfactorily in Q4 2011.

In its first Quarterly Reporting System report, du said its contact centre received 3,638,800 calls, with 3,370,455 answered to customers' satisfaction.

The report also said that 86 percent of calls by mystery callers were also dealt with properly.

"The Customer Service Report is a first of its kind report initiated by any telecom service provider in the UAE that lends itself to demonstrate improvements and transparency in the area of customer service," said Farid Faraidooni, chief commercial officer, du.

"At du, we are committed to constantly streamline our systems and processes to improve and evolve customer service experiences."

The report also said that du achieved 72 percent first call resolution for consumer fixed and mobile services.

It said 85 percent of calls were answered in 20 seconds with the average wait time reduced to 13 seconds.

du said last month that its full year profit declined 16 percent as royalties to the government increased.

The Dubai-based firm, also known as Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Co, said net income declined to AED1.01bn ($275m) from AED1.31bn a year earlier.

That profit figure was affected by a one-off AED268m charge relating to a change in estimate for 2009 royalty payments.

Du, the UAE's second telecoms operator, could finally equal rival Etisalat for mobile phone market share by the end of 2012, analysts at Frost & Sullivan have said.

Jonas Zelba, research analyst, Information and Communication Technologies Practice, predicted Du would continue to to cut into Etisalat's dominance this year.

The operator, which currently has a 46 percent of the UAE mobile market, said five million people use its services.

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Unhappy DU customer 7 years ago

I suggest that DU runs a syrvey asking real customers how they feel about DU quality of service rather than relying on call centre's system generated statistics.

leo50 7 years ago

if this report is true, I would love to know what I did to upset the people at du who proved utterly worthless when it came to resolving the problems I had in December and January. Having moved to an apartment in an area serviced solely by du, I had to make numerous calls to the call centre over this 2 month period. I received no customer service other than vacuous promises that I would be contacted/visited within 48 hours. This of course never transpired. It took over 6 weeks to resolve the problems I had, namely the TV service being constantly interrupted and off air for long periods each day. Of course i received no discount off the payments for this lack of service which fully endorsed my opinion that they have no interest in genuine customer service, only an ability to have meaningless testimonials printed such as the above article, which fool none of their customers in the slightest.

Omar 7 years ago

WHAT A JOKE! Du has the absolute worst customer service ever...

N.S. 7 years ago

Honestly if I compare the quality of coverage today with a few years back, it has improved immensely and in some areas has even exceeded its competitor. So from a coverage point of view I have little or no complain. But when it comes to customer care I believe DU has still a very long way to go. Being a recently formed company I can understand this to a certain extent.

jtjh 7 years ago

Not sure who their poll is polling. They also need to re-look and understand the definition of customer service and customer satisfaction!
Let's not kid ourselves with such a percentage.

Andrew 7 years ago

This is a joke isnt it?? Du have the worst customer service I have ever know (and that is saying something for the UAE). There idea of solving the issue is trying to call you a couple of times and if you dont answer they mark it as solved and customer satisfied.

indiaassisgreat 7 years ago

DU's idea of a satisfied customer = You pay you must be happy

bilal 7 years ago

This is a real joke! du coupled with customer satisfaction???!!! I can't wait for the day when du is no longer in monopoly of my area! I'll be the first to dump du!

Benji 7 years ago

Why Arabian business doesnt run a quick poll to check if this statement from Du is right? I was never satisfied with Du customer services or even services. I am not getting the Internet speed I am paying for (neither Du or Etisalat). I suppose this has to do with the monopoly fact. They do what they want and charge what they want.

Syd 7 years ago

none of these so called surveys based on customer service or customer engagement make any sense. there is no independant consumer redressal agency or an ombudsman to monitor the provider or the consumer. these are all exercises in futility created to over inflate an already oversized service provider ego.