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Tue 13 Mar 2012 12:41 PM

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Dubai’s Emirates to hire 3,800 new cabin crew

Will bring total number of cabin crew to nearly 20,000

Dubai’s Emirates to hire 3,800 new cabin crew
“This year our target is slightly lower and we will look for 3,800 cabin crew and 450 pilots."

Dubai’s Emirates Airline plans to hire 3,800 new cabin staff this year, in addition to the 4,000 hired last year, taking its total number of in-flight crew to nearly 20,000, it was announced on Tuesday.

Alison Ward, vice president of recruitment, confirmed the Dubai carrier’s target for recruitment this year was lower than the 4,000 hired in 2011/2012.

“This year our target is slightly lower and we will look for 3,800 cabin crew and 450 pilots. The remaining roles are across the rest of the Emirates Group, including the airline, dnata, etc,” she said.

As part of its recruitment drive, Emirates this month will hold a host of international road shows, including events in Lebanon, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Italy, Austria, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Spain, the UK, The Netherlands, Poland, Australia and New Zealand.

The airline’s latest jobs target will bring its total number of cabin crew to close to 20,000. The new staff are likely to be deployed on Emirates’ new routes for 2012, which include Dublin, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Lusaka, Harare, Dallas, Seattle, Ho Chi Minh City, Barcelona and Lisbon.

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Dave 7 years ago

Major problem with staff retention?? How much does it cost to keep recruiting in those numbers, especially with regards to training etc?

Anonymous 7 years ago

Does Emirates offer maternity leave yet? My wife was with Emirates for 10 years but left 4 years ago when we started a family. She was a Purser...Emirates lost her experience because of not offering a 21st century benefit.

I fly with Emirates regularly and the service is not the same as 5+ years ago. I would say staff retention is a major issue.

Grant Holt 7 years ago

Surely all these jobs should go to the unemployed locals who complain of no jobs suitable jobs.

The most famous of local enterprises, where hard work an aptitude can ensure promotion.

Why bring in expats? Groom the stars of the future from within the country.

David 7 years ago

Locals want management positions only, this job is considered too menial for them. Besides that, their salary expectations are ten times what Emirates will pay.

leo50 7 years ago


emad 7 years ago

Greetings all,

Not all Emaraties are the same and looking for only a management position as in all countries you will find this and that, plus any Emarati given a chance to work on board the Emirates airlines would be an honour to do so.
the main reason is that the salaries for the Locals are way much higher than their colleges of other nationalities, and that's one of the main reasons in my opinion why they do not accept them in the first place, As if you offer this job to any expatriate for example monthly total salary for 10 k then the Emaraties would expect to paid 20k min and that would not fit in the airlines budget , I mean as a business.

jojo mijala 7 years ago

Emiratis should be proud of Emirates Airlines. It is not humiliating to work in any kind of work when you do work honestly. They should change their work attitudes. They complain of not enough job opening for the locals but when you give them these kind of opportunities they complain. What sort of work to they want. If you want to reach the top of any job, you should start from the bottom. Even if one has a PhD, or Master's degree it would not be humiliating to start work from the bottom. You cannot flaunt your diploma or certificate to any body and say hey I got this PhD or Master's degree certificate and I expect to be given a top managerial position. Theory is different from practice. Learn from the expats that are working in your country.

Mirror 7 years ago

I agreed with David. The pay scale in Emirates is far behind local work force expectations and who would want to work in odd hours (I mean not usual hours like managerial time).

SAM 7 years ago

Emirates is a proftable world class organization that has been extremely successful in the past and will continue to do so, due to a seasoned management team; obviously they have been doing something right! The addition of more routes and the hiring of 3,800 new cabin crew is a great achievement, given the status of the world economy and in one way or another, this will give a boost to the economy of the UAE. As to hiring of locals, I have faith that management will handle this issue just fine.

Non-Muslim 7 years ago

OK, 3,800 is the given figure.

Does EK give a breakdown of how many of these 3,800 are replacing those leaving (for wahtever reason), and how many of these 3,800 are actually additional cabin crew positions to fulfil the requirements for the fleet enlargement resp. network enlargement?