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Thu 19 Sep 2013 10:44 AM

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Dubai's JLT residents in fury over traffic chaos

Resident contemplate leaving development amid gridlock nightmare

Dubai's JLT residents in fury over traffic chaos

Residents at Dubai’s Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) have hit out at ongoing traffic chaos at the community, with some saying they may consider relocating if the issue is not resolved soon.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is spending AED450m on upgrading roads around the development which could eventually ease the flow of traffic, but works have in recent weeks caused gridlock while coming into and leaving the area during rush hour.

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the authority responsible for the development, said recently that traffic problems were likely to continue for another eight weeks, prompting some of JLT’s 30,000 residents to rethink their decision to live there.

“It’s ridiculous. I’ve been here for almost two years now and the traffic during rush hour has always been awful,” said Dave Baker, a British expat who lives in the area. “My lease is up in a few months time and if JLT don’t pull their finger out I might end up looking for somewhere else to live.”

Others took to online social networks to vent their frustration at tailbacks at the development, which have been ever present since JLT opened more than three years ago.

“I will never forgive whoever developed the JLT road system,” wrote Rich Thayne on social network Twitter.

“JLT traffic is screwed again tonight I see. There were a few days when things ran relatively smoothly,” added another Twitter users, Stuart Crocker.

The current works at JLT will see the construction of a road linking Sheikh Zayed Road with Al Khail and Sheikh Mohammed roads, but some have questioned the way the project was originally designed.

“Poor infrastructure planning and greed... the roads [are] just not adequate for the density of the project,” tweeted Alex Andarakis.

Earlier this month, DMCC sent an email to JLT residents urging them to use the Dubai Metro, car pool, or change their working hours in order to avoid the development’s nightmare traffic.

“We have been advised that there will be several road diversions in JLT as the RTA road networks are nearing completion... it is likely that the congestion will continue in the coming days. We therefore suggest, wherever possible, motorists consider making alternate arrangements when travelling to and from JLT,” that email read.

Located on the opposite side of Sheikh Zayed Road to Dubai Marina, JLT is one of the emirate’s largest free zones, and is home to more than 6,500 companies and 30,000 residents. According to DMCC, about 75,000 people live and work in the development.

DMCC is currently filling in one of the development’s four lakes to make way for a community park, and will later this year fill in half of another one to build a mosque and car park.

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omar faris 6 years ago

simple answer. if you don't like it, move !
(being sarcastic)
P.S i totally agree with Alex Andarakis twitter comment in the article !

Ahmed Nasir 6 years ago

This was pretty obvious the day these structures started appearing on the ground. An attempt had been made, it seems, to simulate the organic congested growth of a town center which resulted in a planned mess. I wonder what attracts people there and how great the real estate itself is that people ignored all that and why prices of the property are so high there.

Chef 6 years ago

I can not believe that people making such a fuss about this.
I am living there for 4 years now and the progress that has been made is unbelievable. Yes it takes me 45 Min to get from the entrance to my house but they have been working almost all datys and night and you can see the daily progress.
Dont like it leave!! and go and live in the marina there is worse and there is no room for improvement. A little paintience is well deserved for them. It will be one of the most disired apartments to live!

Alex 6 years ago

Just to make sure I am quoted correctly, the poor infrastructure is one thing, the greed is related to pushing too many developments into the area, without properly understanding residential / commercial density OR traffic impact studies which although done, mean nothing...

Roberto 6 years ago

"Change working hours" as a solution, and just how many people have this luxury? I'm looking out our office window now at 3pm and there is a long tailback on the roads already so just what time should we change our hours to. Why can't they do the work at night under flood lights like they do in most parts of the world in order to not inconvenience residents and workers. This development is a joke and the arrogant comments and attitude that keep coming from DMCC just highlights their lack of empathy. The most worrying thing is that when this is all finished we are still going to be stuck with a fundamentally flawed one way road system which despite DMCC's assurances cannot be defended as good design.

Steady 6 years ago

I have lived 5 years now in the north side of JLT and have only faced a traffic jam in the last one month! I do feel for the south side though as that jam has been around for almost all this time!

I do believe however that in two months once the temporary roundabout between the south and north sides is closed, the connecting bridge is opened traffic becomes unidirectional there can simply be no more traffic jams.

Traffic jams are a fact of life in all major cities of the world but in a part of the world where everything is in abundance except patience it is not something to be taken lightly :)

Bart 6 years ago

For crying out loud, stop complaining. I get caught up in it, but I have seen how they are working to ease the situation and it is only a matter of weeks before it becomes plain sailing. I have lived in jlt for over 6 years. If drivers behave and drive with respect for other drivers then it would help ease a bit the cuurent situation. The biggest problem is the traffic security who have no clue about traffic flow and how to manage it, but an even bigger problem in Jlt is palm district cooling and their extortionist pricing and service

Ahmed Dubai Expo 2020 6 years ago

Ahmed Nasir,

It's no surprise you are lost, you don't know why the prices are high in JLT, what attracts people there & I believe you, don't know why you are here let alone much of Dubai.

Try finding something better to do like taking a shower, the JLT community represents 75,000 people (working/living) & growing there.

These numbers will grow in parallel with the RTA progress of the roads around JLT. For the sorry confused commoners who just follow headlines, JLT roads responsibilities were taken over by the RTA over 5 years back, so kindly take your grievances to their twitter account @RTA_Dubai

They are responsive, very responsive.

Steady 6 years ago

@telcoguy, And how smart are you! I am one such unfortunate owner who bought at 650 psf mid last year and am being chased to sell at 1100 psf and boy do I love being in this "worst situation" !

Steady 6 years ago

@Telcoguy, Just dont know what these low risk assets are anyway US / Spanish Real Estate, Eurozone bank deposits, Currencies, Gold, Equities ?

Or you believe that the London property market is the only safe place to invest in?

On Sports City have you heard of Victory Heights I know several people who bought there in the last two years and they looked pretty happy!