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Tue 4 Aug 2015 09:27 AM

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Dubai's Meydan launches world's tallest residential tower, world's longest indoor ski slope

Meydan One will be a new 3,671,000 sqm leisure, residential and hospitality destination, which will also include the world's largest dancing fountains, a mall with a retractable roof, a 4km canal, a 300m beach, a water park and a 100 berth marina.

Dubai's Meydan launches world's tallest residential tower, world's longest indoor ski slope

Dubai has announced plans to build a new 3,671,000 square metre leisure, residential and hospitality destination which will include the world’s tallest residential tower, an indoor ski slope three times the length of Ski Dubai and the world’s largest dancing water fountain.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, on Monday launched Meydan One, a Meydan City Corporation development, which will become home to more than 78,300 residents and feature the 711 metre tall Dubai One tower, the Meydan One Mall, a civic plaza with dancing water features, a 4km canal and a 100 berth marina.

The first phase of the development, located between Meydan and Al Khail Road, is scheduled for completion before 2020, when Dubai’s population is forecast to hit 3.4 million.

The Meydan One Mall, which features a 150 metre x 80 metre retractable roof that will be opened in the winter months, will have more than 300 restaurants, cafes and kiosks, as well as flagship retailers, luxury stand-alone outlets and nightlife.

With a gross floor area of 5 million sqm, the leisure destination will feature the world’s longest indoor ski slope at 1.2km, a 25,000 sqm indoor multi-purpose sport facility, over 5.3km bicycle and jogging trails, a 9km boardwalk, the largest dancing fountain in the world reaching over 420m long, a 300m long beach, and a civic plaza to host up to 60,000 people.

The project is also set to include a 300m long beach, located next to the aqua marine Crystal Lagoons and will offer visitors swimming, paddle boats, sea kayaking, beach volleyball and night time light displays, as well as direct access to a new Water Park, beach bar and restaurants.

Commenting on the development, Saeed Al Tayer, chairman of Meydan, said: “In a city which never stops innovating, today’s announcement is significant for the future of Dubai and the UAE.

“We have committed to developing a multi-use destination which goes beyond expectations and will cater to every kind of person living and working here, as well as those who travel from around the world to visit.

“This development is a forward-thinking, interactive enterprise geared towards the Dubai of tomorrow. The encouragement and support we have received in the past from our trusted partners will now help the Meydan One development come to life.”




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Joseph Zaidan 4 years ago

Never before in human history has the construction technology enabled such a fantastic achievement.
We have to congratulate not only the financial organizations and the technicians, but also the politicians who have made of Abu Dhabi a paradise capable of absorbing such a gigantic construction.

Red Snappa 4 years ago

I thought the property market was in the doldrums, in reverse, on a downward spiral, values falling etc. etc. 78,300 residents probably means another 25,000 to 30,000 new properties another mega-mall, yet more hotels, and so on.... Are yet more expansive mega-projects still sustainable even if a 1 million jump in Dubai's population to 3.4 million people is actually achieved.

I seem to remember the launch of a huge development that ran from Satwa right across to the Al Wasl Road and onward to Jumeirah Beach Road, said to be worth $95 billion by Meeras, which proved a project too far as the property market went backwards and was mothballed.

Take the example the Pearl Dubai project, of a different nature altogether I presume that has been hindered by a continuous surfeit of property around. Downtown Dubai has proved an unqualified success, but can the city take another newer edition?

shabir Khawaja 4 years ago

Excellent vision and devotion to develop the country by H.H. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Aal Maktoum.

Peter Peter 4 years ago

300 new restaurants ? WOW . Shopping Mall with retracting roof ? WOW WOW. New fancy fountain ? WOW WOW WOW. Ski Slope that is thrice as long as Ski Dubai ? WOW WOW WOW WOW !

All this is great. But may I ask a simple question ?

Is any one building the affordable accommodation that will be needed for the 20,000+ workers who will man all these facilities ? Or will the low paid worker just have to move from 8 people sharing a room to 12 people sharing one ? From paying 750/- AED for a bed space to paying 1500/- AED per month ?

All the Vision bit is fine , but if you can not take care of the people who ACTUALLY run this place then what use is it ?

I urge the rulers to not turn a blind eye to the people at the bottom of the pyramid. They have already suffered for too long.

Natasha Jovin 4 years ago

This is so exciting.....and not so far in the future.

james 4 years ago

Joseph, its Dubai not Abu Dhabi!!!!

javed mazhar 4 years ago

Would prefer if Dubai consolidated on what has been built to make the city more pleasing to the eye aesthetically.

Like instance-
adding more green spaces
adding palm trees along highways and footpaths
covering up concrete eyesores of dubai metro

Not sure if adding more buildings is such a good plan

SA1 4 years ago

Any news on Dubai waterfront (a city advertised as twice the size of Hong Kong) or palm jebel Ali which has become an eyesore and destroyed a perfect beach.

Andre 4 years ago

I totally agree with you. Too much fancy shmancy since the properties boom began in Dubai. Nothing affordable in town. Cost of living is only sky-rocketing while the income does not seem to improve, at least for the majority of the population it's not...