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Mon 23 Dec 2013 08:43 AM

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Dubai's Nakheel to shut Palm Jumeirah on New Year’s Eve

Residents on manmade island vent their fury at lockdown planned for fireworks record attempt

Dubai's Nakheel to shut Palm Jumeirah on New Year’s Eve

Access to Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah will be blocked on New Year’s Eve as Dubai attempts to break the world fireworks record.

Dubai is attempting to break the Guinness World Record for "the world’s largest firework display”, across the Palm Jumeirah and The World islands. The six minute display is expected to cover 100km of seafront and feature 400,000 fireworks.

However, the plans are set to cause huge disruption, with road closures starting from 8am on New Year’s Eve. From that time, anyone entering the Palm will require a special pass, and no deliveries will be permitted after 5pm.

Residents have been told that they will be given just four passes per household and only one vehicle pass per household.  All guests entering the Palm – including thousands of people who had been expected to attend parties – will need to pre-register for their passes.

“We have been told to go with our tenancy contracts and the provide ID for anyone we are inviting or they won’t  be allowed in. It’s absurd. This is our house, we should be allowed to invite whoever we like,” said one resident.

Other residents spoken to by Arabian Business said they were concerned that with only one vehicle pass, some family members may not be able to get back onto the development.

“Three people in my family work and drive but we are getting just one pass. I don’t know how we will all get back in,” said another resident.

It is understood that no access at all will be permitted onto the development for four hours, starting at 9pm on New Year’s Eve. All the restrictions will not be lifted in full until the following day at 6am.

* Nakheel no longer responds to media enquiries from Arabian Business, nor does it grant Arabian Business access to any of its media events or announcements.

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debbie 5 years ago

nakheel's public policy strategy needs to be that of "inclusion" rather than "exclusion".

yes, properties may sell, and they may refund money, but this is not entirely because of their management, it is because the market has turned. Just like they sold well in previous boom - while the developments had problems.

so bad.

Amer 5 years ago

Now who's glad they don't live on the palm?!!

Neil 5 years ago

Maybe they"re scared of collapsing bridges and roadways due to structural overload.After last weeks bridge collapse there is definitely reason to worry.

Russel 5 years ago


Mazz 5 years ago

Oh Nakheel. Such a poorly managed company. They need some serious lessons from Emaar.

Andy 5 years ago

what about sandance (15,000 people) and all the hotel parties...are they going to check every single car and taxi...madness

Sacrebleu! 5 years ago

That is just plain mediocre

Yara 5 years ago

People will believe anything they read on the internet. So sad. And even more pathetic is the "staff writer" from Arabian Business putting out this kind of rubbish.

Iliyas 5 years ago

Isn't it so easy to be negative about things in Dubai. For once, you last writers and people out there with comments so poorly thought out should put some effort into seeing what is good around and focus more on the positive. Then, if you still don't like it I can only ask why are you staying in Dubai?

Peg 5 years ago

Sorry - I don't believe it!!!