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Tue 14 Feb 2017 02:50 PM

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Dubai's OSN launches 'affordable' packs as TV competition intensifies

Pay TV giant ‘listening to customers’ as it bids to boost subscriber numbers

Dubai's OSN launches 'affordable' packs as TV competition intensifies

Dubai-based entertainment giant OSN has launched new pricing and new packs as it attempts to retain customers in an increasingly competitive market.

The pay TV firm said the move was part of a new strategy following six months’ of customer research across the region, during which the company surveyed 40,000 households.

OSN’s new packs start from AED/SR79 ($22), with a mixture of sports, movies and entertainment. The company said the strategy “lets customers create their perfect mix and puts them in control of what they want to watch based on their available spending power”.

“We’ve listened to our customers and we’re delivering what they want, how they want it,” said Martin Stewart, OSN’s CEO, in a press statement. “Relevant, exclusive and affordable, our new prices and new packs will put the world of OSN – exclusive content and an unmatched viewing experience - within the reach of all.”

Having replaced David Butorac as OSN CEO last year, Stewart is attempting to boost subscriber numbers despite increased competition.

Streaming sites Netflix and Starzplay have both recently launched services in the Middle East, while OSN has also been at the heart of the fight to curb television piracy.

Earlier this month, OSN extended its deal with Disney to exclusively air Disney TV channels in the MENA region.

expat08 2 years ago

who still watches TV in 2017.

Andy 2 years ago

Finally, competition is shaking things up after OSN played the monopoly card for a very long time. Glad to see Starz, Netflix and BeIn ruffle OSN's feathers for a change. It's been a long time coming...

Omar 2 years ago

OSN reps in mall kiosks reminds me of property agents that man their property kiosks. not very convening or welcoming.
i completely avoid them.

Mosa 2 years ago

TV content is becoming pathetic in this region, the kind of movies shown are so repetitive and boring that the only entertainment we get while watching TV is browsing channels for half an hour.
Plus the censoring ruins what we watch..

I have a package from one of the providers, my subscription list has 12 pages of channels, out of which the ones I shortlisted are only 3 pages, out of which the ones worth watching are only 5-6 channels.

Its a disaster.