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Thu 26 Jul 2012 02:43 PM

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Dubai's top cop warns of Brotherhood, Iran threat

Dahi Khalfan says there is an "international plot" to overthrow the governments of Arab countries

Dubai's top cop warns of Brotherhood, Iran threat
Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim.

Dubai's chief of police has warned of an "international plot" to overthrow the governments of Gulf Arab countries, saying the region needs to be prepared to counter any threat from Islamist dissidents as well as Syria and Iran.

The comments by Dahi Khalfan, one of the most outspoken security officials in the UAE, follow the detention in the UAE since April of at least 20 dissidents, according to relatives of the detainees and activists.

"There's an international plot against Gulf states in particular and Arab countries in general... This is preplanned to take over our fortunes," Khalfan told reporters at a gathering late on Wednesday marking the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

"The bigger our sovereign wealth funds and the more money we put in the banks of Western countries, the bigger the plot to take over our countries...The brothers and their governments in Damascus and North Africa have to know that the Gulf is a red line, not only for Iran but also for the Brothers as well."

Most of the detainees since April are Islamists, targeted by an official clampdown amid concern they may be emboldened by the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in other Arab countries such as Egypt.

UAE Interior Ministry officials have not been available to comment on the arrests. Last week, UAE officials announced that authorities were investigating a foreign-linked group planning "crimes against the security of the state".

"I had no idea that there is this large number of Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf states. We have to be alert and on guard because the wider these groups become, the higher probability there is for trouble," Khalfan said on Wednesday.

"We are aware that there are groups plotting to overthrow Gulf governments in the long term."

Sam 7 years ago

Why is the "Gulf a red-line"? Syria and Egypt had dictators, and the Gulf countries have monarchies. Last I knew, monarchies surely were not democracies...

I also dont see the link between the Western Bank deposits (which in any case is lost paper-money, that aint coming back..), and the plot he talks about. Can any one in here help me to understand this?

Khawar 7 years ago

The more money to gain the better to war against.
War booty.
My understanding.
Maybe the west wants to take over but places Iran as a scapegoat.
The "false flag" idea.
Check on youtube.

Ahmed 7 years ago

Sam let me translate, there is a clear cut agenda for the Muslim Brotherhood to hegemonically take power over the northern African countries moving across the region with the ultimate goal of taking control of the governments of the GCC (the red line in the sand). As you will note Islamic governments currently have control over most of these countries and more than likely the rebels in Syria also belong to these Islamic groups. Kuwait has succombed to a majority Parliament of Islamic fundamentalists many from the MB who want control of the country. Watching the MB attempting to run a government in Egypt is like waiting for an elephant to fly. God Bless General Dahi Khalfan that he is vocal about this real threat and is not fearful of this dangerous group.