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Fri 15 Apr 2011 09:28 AM

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Dubai says UK tourist suffocated in police cell

Attorney general says post mortem examination shows deceased choked on his own vomit

Dubai says UK tourist suffocated in police cell
Dubai police.

Dubai's attorney general has said it is investigating the death of UK citizen Lee Bradley Brown who died in police custody in Bur Dubai.

Essam Al Humaidan said a post mortem examination showed that the British tourist had died from suffocation caused by choking on his own vomit.

Blood and urine tests had revealed traces of hashish in the blood of the deceased, Al Humaidan added in comments published by state news agency WAM.

The public prosecutor said the UK citizen was held in preventive custody for verbal and physical assault on female staff of the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

He said the tourist pulled her hair and tried to push her from the balcony of the sixth floor in the hotel before a group of hotel employees restrained him after a "violent resistance".

Al Humaidan also expressed condolences to the family of the deceased Briton.

The UK has called for an inquiry amid allegations that he was assaulted by officers.

The Foreign Office said the Consul General had spoken directly to the Dubai police at the highest level to stress the importance of a full investigation.

"The police have assured us that they are investigating and we are remaining in close touch with them," the Foreign Office statement said.

Sandpiper 8 years ago

A young healthy man died while in police custody. There will have to be a credible investigation and if appropriate corrective and punitive measures taken, or potential leisure and commercial visitors will think twice about visiting.

Red Snappa 8 years ago

Back to the safety of the British study I'm afraid and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth office warning to travellers to the UAE. Europeans are starting to issue similar warnings particularly France, Netherlands and Belgium.

Sunil Hira 8 years ago

I am from UK, and have now lived in Dubai for over 25 years.

The Dubai Police are probably the most decent officers I have seen, compared to UK and the States.

They are kind & sympathic towards the Detainees and Prisioners.

The Police over here, would never get involved with torture of any kind to any detainee or prisioner, no matter how rude, abusive or violent they maybe.

I feel sorry for the family of the deceased, but for those of us who have lived in Dubai for some time, we all know how true it is of some foreingers who tend to overindulge while on holiday in our Beautiful country.

If Dubai was such a terrible place to live & visit, who do so many of us expats chose to live here, and convinde our Family & Friends to visit so often?

Saleem 8 years ago

@Diddley , though I do not have any first hand experience of Dubai jails however rumour has it that treatment is much better compared to British jail system. By British jail system , I mean the detention of aliens.
In case you may be wondering , there are definitely expenses incurred on inmates in Dubai jails as well . From what I hear , the hygiene condition , Food , medical attention etc are much better than those given by your queen and paid by tax payer :)

Hont 8 years ago

I am not saying he was beaten by police but what gives anyone the right to come to a Muslim country and behave so badly that they give all Western visitors a bad rep?

Saleem 8 years ago

He was a young man , though I am not sure if he was healthy. Have you met this guy and are absolutely sure of his earlier well being ?
As per reports , he tried to throw and kill a nepalese worker from 6th floor of Burj Arab. I am sure no mentally healthy person would try this in a foreign country. Later hasheesh was found in his blood stream, according to reports.

Mick 8 years ago

I don't know the facts. Noone knows outside of those involved but I doubt if the police beat him or caused his death. Don't they have people watching the prisonors, though?

btw, is the anti-bot image to type in here, always ubuntu??

Marijke 8 years ago

If you don't trust the UAE police's statements, wait for the UK authorities to speak out. They have full access, but reading your post it seems you are biased from the beginning. Cos when it's a Brit in Dubai, the Brit must be innocent and the Dubai police must be making up a story to cover up right? Fact is, people do overindulge and they do get aggressive. Let's just wait for the outcome of the investigation.

Rather sad to read that nobody seems to care about the fact that a girl working in the hotel could have been killed. But hey why would we care about her and how she mist be feeling after surviving someone trying to throw her off the balcony.

Don't get me wrong, nobody deserves to die in such circumstances, but to immediately dismiss all the police says is not the smartest thing to do.

A.W 8 years ago

Because it is a lovely country to live in and services are much better than Europe , and the police there is much better than and more respectful than in England and many European countries....
Dubai is full of British people because they feel the freedom and well respected .....

Anyways it is well known that the British Citizens always make troubles in Places they Go .. like Sports Fans, and a high percentage of psycological ill people....

England has the highest amount of people suffering of psycological problems due to the stress they live in there countries, and most of them escape to Asia and other African countries in the middle east avoiding the stress and taxes they live in..

I am an Egyptian and i lived in many European and Arabian countries and i admit that Dubai is above them all.

SAM 8 years ago

Do they have balconies in Burj Al Arab?